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Is running a good or bad experience for obese people?

fitplease Posts: 647 Member
A friend posted:

"At my current weight, running would cripple my lower back and possibly hurt my knees. I do need a more intense aerobic experience. I'm thinking of pool aerobics. The water negates the stress on the spine and joints."

He has a strong walking base, so I encouraged him to run, but to take it slow. For example, he could start with intervals of walking & brisk walking or walking & running. Was I wrong? Should I have just said, "Yeah, you're right. Stick with the pool."


  • redhead1910
    redhead1910 Posts: 304 Member
    If someone is obese they need to walk/swim/bike or something low impact on the joints before they start a running regimen. Obesity is already very difficult on the joints, and running would do more harm then good at that size.
  • LJSmith1989
    LJSmith1989 Posts: 650
    my friend did swimming to get the first few stone off then, walking and finally she started running