A motivational note to myself...

"Just cause you're breathing, doesn't mean you're alive" - i recently realised that is what i've been doing for almost 3 years. All this time i have been finding comfort in food & shutting people out my life & in the process i allowed myself to gain a whole lot of weight & have lost out on so much of my life... but no more... i am on a serious fat fighting mission & i intend to WIN... - that's what i wrote to myself this morning because i was feeling lazy to workout & was tempted to eat junk food.

It worked!

Every time i wanted to run out of the office to stuff my face... i read the note & when i got home i had an awesome workout. Now i am happily sitting in my bed typing this because i am proud of myself for being strong. I know in time it will get easier but right now one day at a time.

I would like ideas/tips to stay motivated & to help me stick to this new healthier lifestyle change... i know there are plenty of tips on the internet but i would like to hear from mfp members to know how you stay on track???

Thanks in advance...
Giovanna Isabella :flowerforyou: :


  • msleanlegs
    msleanlegs Posts: 188 Member
    I'm going to have to borrow your quote for my fridge. :flowerforyou:

    In for other people's ideas. The only thing lately that's been keeping me from stuffing my face with food is drinking diet pop. Not exactly a shining example of a healthier lifestyle. :blushing:
  • scuzziemoo
    scuzziemoo Posts: 13 Member
    Thats a great note to have stuck somewhere. As I definitely need reminding that life is for living, not just to watch it pass by. Good luck on your journey and keep at it!

    Heather x