new to running..underwear?



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    The running shorts with built in underwear are good. They don't rub the skin raw like panties do. If you opt to wear panties under these shorts, something NON-cotton will be your best bet.
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    Just ditch 'em whilst exercising. Lotsa "exercising" clothes have built in liners and such now.

    Much more comfy to move w/out that extra layer.
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    Thanks for all the suggestions and opinions. I think I am going to try commando. I don't want to go spend money on stuff when all I have to do is take them off. Lol. I hate thongs but I like the no lines so commando is really what I will try.
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    Moving Comfort has a line of athletic underwear. I will NEVER wear cotton again after these. I like the bikini style, they stay in place, keep you dry. Under armor also carries thongs. I have a couple. But some people prefer not to work out in a thong, depends on your preference. I would avoid the boy short style of underwear as they don't stay in place.
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    I just wear spandex knee length pants... I wear them for an hour and they have to be washed anyway.. no panties!!!!
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    Personally, I love to wear boyshorts and yoga underwear that come from Victoria Secret's PINK selection. My problem is that my underwear likes to ride UP as I run though (big butt problems lol), so your case may be different. Maybe try hipsters or cheekies if boyshorts don't work.
  • crystalfisher89
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    I just wear spandex knee length pants... I wear them for an hour and they have to be washed anyway.. no panties!!!!

    I never thought about that!!! Maybe I'll try this too! lol
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    Let'em be free!
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    I wear boring bikini briefs from Hanes. I almost never have an issue with them.

    I will say some running pants often are the culprit not the underwear. I have retired some running capris before because they won't stay up or they always ride up.
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    In all honesty, I don't wear underwear while running. I wear dance shorts or yoga pants lol. Sometimes, I'll even just throw on a skirt or something over my tights and leo
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    Do your pants fall down too? I haven't had a problem with my underwear specifically but I have had plenty of problems with my pants falling down, I think its all the up/down jiggle of my butt makes them work their way south. I either get really high waisted pants w/ a thick elastic waist OR I get pants w/ a draw string. As for underwear I wear any and everything, nothing special. Although anything with lace around the legs is a no no, and cotton on hot days or long runs is no good....
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    Skip the underwear.
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    Trust me, this is the most comfortable:

    With Spandex- none.
    With lined shorts- none.
    If you NEED to wear something, wear the smallest thong you can find.

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    I don't wear any, at least when I'm working out :blushing: My leggings have a built in liner and I wash them after every workout to keep things kosher. I ONLY wear leggings on the bottom to work out. No riding up, no falling down, no chafing. I've even safety pinned my under-tanktop to my leggings to keep everything in its place. It really works.
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    One more thing, after a long run (aka half marathon) I bring a change of clothes and typically just change in public, can't really do that unless you've got some undies on under your running shorts/pants ;)
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    Depending... but briefs, bikinis, and even a jock straps (for males at least)... anything on the leg is going to ride up.
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    Yes this seems silly but I don't know so I figured I would just ask.I have recently started running. I am still at the jog/walk stage but whatever. My issue is my underwear fall down. I got new ones because after losing thirty lbs I figured that they were obviously too big. Even with the new ones they are not comfortable for running. Before I go underwear shopping do any of you mfp ladies have any suggestions on style. It's not like I can try them out first. Thanks

    I recommend 2 in 1 running shorts (compression shorts).


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    I avoid wearing underwear whenever possible. It's really more of a life motto. But if shorty running shorts aren't your thing, both Athleta and Oiselle make longer shorts with liners. Or you can get a longer running skirt with compression shorts underneath.
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    So far my favorite boy shorts are maidenform. No panty lines yay! I would be too grossed out to go commando because I don't want a wet spot of sweat all over the crotch of my pants especially when I stretch afterward. Gross.
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    in good weather, i wear running shorts with the built in underwear. i buy them at Target. When it's cooler, i wear either yoga capris or sweats. you don't need underwear with either. If the yoga capris make you feel immodest, wear a big shirt that covers your hips.