or does it even matter?


  • pastryari
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    Personal preference.
  • Jacwhite22
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    I prefer to work out during my meals
  • _DaniD_
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    Doesn't matter.

    For me I can't do cardio for at least 2 hours after eating or I will cramp up, but I could eat while I lift if I wanted to.
  • britkip
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    Don't matter but I always eat before and I eat something that's going to fuel me!
  • castelluzzo99
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    Some people say that working out on an empty stomach is ideal if you want to burn fat. I usually do it in the morning before breakfast, but I eat an energy bar that is specifically designed to help burn fat and needs to be eaten on an empty stomach to work. If I were lifting heavy weights, I might drink a protein drink before working out, because the needs of the body for strength and cardio are a bit different (body needs protein or carbs respectively).

    It's not a good idea to work out right after a meal, because your stomach needs blood to work (ever noticed feeling colder after eating? that's because your blood went to your stomach and away from your extremities). Just like you should wait an hour after a heavy meal to swim, it's probably good to wait an hour or two after a meal to really work out hard.

    On the other hand, a leisurely walk right after eating is a good thing, so it probably depends on what kind of exercise you're doing, how intense you're doing it, etc. I used to work out in the afternoon, probably 2 hours after lunch, because that's when I had time. Now I eat a later breakfast and do it in the morning. Whatever works for you!
  • Jackie_XOXOXO
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    I think its more or preferences as stated above. I prefer to eat after a workout.
  • EmilyOfTheSun
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    I don't eat before because I end up feeling bluergh. But it's personal preference.
  • czardastx
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    I try not to eat an hour before working out. Don't want to get nauseated or feel full. Usually when I eat before it's something that I know will help my workout energy level.
  • iulia_maddie
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    I personally get sick if I work out immediately after eating. But ii doesn't actually matter, so do what works for you.