Timex Ironman Run Trainer 1.0 - HELP!

Does anyone have one of these and actually gotten it to work? I'm unable to take it back to where I've purchased it from.

I took it out of the box, put it on to charge for the 4 hours it recommends, left it on for longer but it doesn't even register on the watch itself that it's charging. I know that it's connecting, because my computer makes that ding sound that it's supposed to when a USB is connected/disconnected, but the watch itself just won't power up.

Any ideas?


  • timex1
    timex1 Posts: 1
    My name is Darryl with Timex. I noticed the problem you were having with your Timex Run Trainer 1.0. Please allow me to assist you with this issue by emailing me at dmooney@timex.com.
  • broncosbabe
    broncosbabe Posts: 50 Member
    Thanks Darryl. I'm going to try someone elses computer first just to make sure it's not mine that's having issues then will email you if I'm still having dramas.