Nervous about getting started.

Rena42 Posts: 66 Member
I'm sure that this is an old story for most people here. I have been on more diets than I care to mention. The last few years it's been really hard to get motivated to loose weight. I've tried to do it with friends, but most of them don't really seem to want to loose that badly, so I find myself following their bad habits.

It may sound silly, but even writing this message, is making me nervous. It's like I'm making a commitment that I'm afraid that I'll break and fail, like a lot of time before. If I could find a group to do this with that can help me stay motivated, I would feel so much better. If anyone out there could help me out, that would be amazing!


  • MrsSuzyQ
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    Lets do this!!

    I know how you feel because Ive been there.and i understand completely because i feel the same way.

  • Dr_Waffles
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    Try an even bigger commitment. Tell everyone you know that you plan on loosing X amount of weight by a certain date. That will put you on the hook to stay with it.

    P.S. Welcome and congratulation on the start of a new you.
  • FitnessPalWorks
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    You have to rely on yourself.

    Do not rely on others.

    Want this, desire this.. healthy living and feeling better about yourself... for you.

    You have to be ready for this on your own and not let the alleged "failure" of your friends be your excuse.

    You are responsible for you. They are not.

    Make the promise to yourself that you will do this.

    You are one else.... :)
  • MrsSuzyQ
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    I am 120lbs right now and I wanna be 105...I wanna be a size 8. by...10th July :p
    This is great because i steer clear of these discussions with people around me because i dread mentioning how much i weight.this feels easy..and doing it feels great.
  • Eco3000
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    I understand you, I was in the same position like you months ago and try many diets in my life but always fail, you have to change the way you think first and accept that you really want to change your life, counting calories it's the best way "I guess, for me" because teach you how to eat and making counting calories part of your daily life...

    Try a digital balance I start with that, see the numbers helps to don't lie to your self
    Patience a lot,,, If you eat the correct amount of calories for your body will work
    Do excercise ,, start with little steps
    If you can buy calories monitor hundreds on eBay many prices, helps to compare ex,, a Big Mac 450kcal = 1hr of hard work aprox ,,etc etc etc

    You can, be patience
  • Rena42
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    Thank you guys so much! I really appreciate your encouragement. I can do this! We can do this!