Completed Jillian Michaels Body Revolution Before/After Pics

Zeppyb Posts: 71 Member
I just completed Jillian Michaels Body Revolution and am really happy with the results. I started at 148 lbs and lost 14.8 lbs and a total of 21.25 inches. I did the Kickstart week but did not follow her meal plan at all. I started at around 1200 calories, but after the first month, I increased to 1400. I did extra running 4-5 days a week during the first 2 months of the program and would try to get in walks as well. I ate back some of my exercise calories on most days, but not all of my exercise calories. I cut out soda. Maybe had 2 during the whole program as a treat. I cut out alcohol during kickstart, but had a few (maybe 1-2 a week) after kickstart was over. I tried to lower my carbs to 40% which is even really hard for me and increase protein to 30%, fat to 30% and just make healthier choices, but I definitely had a meals that were not all that healthy and splurged a few times. This was the first exercise program I have ever done and so proud that I completed the 90 days, never missing a workout and stayed within my calorie goal 90% of the time.



  • trin8ty75
    trin8ty75 Posts: 60 Member
    You look great. BR totally shredded your back fat - congratulations
  • Ashwee87
    Ashwee87 Posts: 695 Member
    Great job!! :)
  • that is brilliant well done x
  • Wow, you look fantastic! I ordered the program, can't wait to get it and get started. Way to show that you don't have to follow the program to a T to still get great results. Bet you feel great:glasses: .
  • snowmanluv
    snowmanluv Posts: 200 Member
    "Thanks for posting including pictures. Everybody needs and inspiration and seeing your before and after is completely amazing.
  • Brandie43
    Brandie43 Posts: 26 Member
    Congratulations! great befor and after photoes.:happy:
    I have this program and got to week 7/8 then stopped as my family life was getting to hecktick at Spring break. I didn't like the food program either but loved the exercise program i could deffinately tell a fittness /strenght change happeining. how ever i never lost a lb during this time. did you follow any thing particular about your eating or just the calorie total? When you say you ate your exercise calories back would that be over and above teh 1200 daily calories then? Just curious how i could change it up when i go back to it. thanks:smile: also how would you determine the calories per work out earned?
  • Brandie43
    Brandie43 Posts: 26 Member
    oops sorry i just re-read your post and you already answered most of my questions!! I think i'm still asleep-ugh!
  • Sweettart
    Sweettart Posts: 1,331 Member
    So proud of you! You look awesome
  • I_Will_End_You
    I_Will_End_You Posts: 4,397 Member
    Great job!
  • snowmanluv
    snowmanluv Posts: 200 Member
    How did you figure out your body fat %, muscle %?
  • travlinjess
    travlinjess Posts: 243 Member
    You look awesome, great results! Definitely looks like much more than a 15lb difference…you have a great new shape! Keep it going!!
  • SoDamnHungry
    SoDamnHungry Posts: 6,998 Member
    Wow! Kick *kitten*!
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    Well done!! Very happy that you increased your cals too, it is obvious that it worked out for you.

    Here here :drinker: :flowerforyou:
  • UrnAsh
    UrnAsh Posts: 207 Member
    You look great!¡
  • diva099
    diva099 Posts: 42
    You look wonderful...Great job!!!!
  • Zeppyb
    Zeppyb Posts: 71 Member
    How did you figure out your body fat %, muscle %?

    I have a Taylor Body Fat scale that calculates Body Fat, Muscle, water, and bone. I got it about 2 weeks into the program so my beginning body fat % was probably a little higher to begin with and I'm sure it improved more than the 2.8%
  • Zeppyb
    Zeppyb Posts: 71 Member
    Thank you all for the nice words! It's kind of intimidating blasting lovely pics of my mommy belly for all to view. I really do love the program and will probably do a second round of JMBR after a few months of Insanity and Ripped in 30 combo that I'm going to begin Monday. I still have a lot of toning that I want to do, especially in my abs so I still have a ways to go, but slow and steady! Good luck to everyone on your journey!
  • Karen918
    Karen918 Posts: 47 Member
    Great job. You really toned up.
  • BellaSpeer
    BellaSpeer Posts: 28 Member
    You look amazing!!! (Love your new profile pic especially- you look SO proud!!!) Great work!!! Very inspiring!
  • marieann82
    marieann82 Posts: 150 Member
    Amazing work! You are so inspiring!
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