What is your long term goals?

I planned a 20 mile hike in October. Okay city folks, I'm not talking about a walk, I'm talking HIKE. I hike almost weekend and consider myself an avid hiker...............but 20 miles is a big daddy. What do u want to do?


  • fiendiish
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    20 miles is a BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG ONE!!! The longest I've hiked is 5 miles! You're a brave girl! :)
  • maryvick
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    learn to dance --- go to a dance studio and take lessons of all kinds and learn to dance!
    be light enough that a man can pick me up off the floor in his arms!
    feel like the most beautiful one in the room!
    know that i can physically do anything i might be called upon to do!
    live to be 100 in health and strength and vitality
  • tammy4720
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    The only goal I have set for myself is my ending weight, but the more I see other people's posts and goals, I think I need to give more thought to my own. I think by setting the goals, you will be more apt to stick with your diet and exercise to reach the goal. I saw someone post several goal weights (after 1 mo. goal, after 3 mos. goal, etc.) and after they reached each goal, they received a reward - pedicure, new bathing suit, new dress,etc.

    I think those are great ideas and I'm going to work on my individual goals tonight! Good luck to you on your weight loss journey!! :wink:
  • roadchic18
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    My long term goal is to run a full marathon by the time I'm 40 (which is way too soon). I will be running my 3rd half marathon this November and hope to run a full by the following March.
  • _SpeshK_
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    I've been overweight my whole life and there are a few things I've always dreamed of. Running a mile in 8 minutes, outside, in a sports bra! haha. Well really, being comfortable wearing ANYTHING sleeveless...seriously I always wear a cardigan no matter how cute my top is or how hot it is outside! I'd also love to learn to surf, and go biking on a regular basis...maybe do a triathlon eventually. I want to get married in a designer gown one day, as well :)

    Goal 1: another 15 lbs by 06/25 - which will put me at my lowest weight as an "adult"
    Goal 2: 50 lbs off of my current weight by 10/01
    Goal 3: 75 lbs off of my current weight by 02/15/2011
    Goal 4: 100 lbs off of my current weight by 05/26/2010
  • Jay_83
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    After losing 30 pounds(my first goal), the next goal was to run a half marathon. It's this Sunday!!!!:bigsmile:
    My next goal was to help my mom get started on her weight loss journey. . . .

    Good luck with everyones goals!!!:flowerforyou: :bigsmile:
  • msbanana
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    My first big goal has passed... I waved good bye to 50 pounds as of last month (I'm down a little over 60 now :bigsmile: )
    My next goal is a 5k- I'm set to run it 6/12

    After that it's pretty vague. I'm about to adjust my weight loss goal a bit more... probably an extra 10 pounds. I have 18 pounds to go from my first goal. When I get there I'll probably "5 more pounds" myself skinny. :laugh:

    I'm buying myself a bike and I plan on cycling to work at least 2 days a week this summer (when summer finally decides to show up that is :grumble: ).

    Right now I'm just getting used to where I am... I'll figure out the rest when I start to get comfortable again. :bigsmile:

    Good Luck to all of you no matter what your goal!!

  • maryvick
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    to make it one day at a time, with more patience
  • asltiffm
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    Well, my biggest goal (and dream for more than a decade) is to cross the country by bicycle. I love riding my bike and tour when I can but my longest trip to date has only been 8 days (270 miles). Crossing the country usually takes 6-8 weeks...or more if you're slow like me. I've got a weekend backpacking trip this coming fall as well as another week long bike tour, hopefully.

    But my even longer term goal is to live to be105-106. If I still feel good, then I'd like to continue on to 112. Not sure why those are my numbers but they are.