Soda pop.

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How the hell does everyone curve their soda pop cravings? I am a Pepsi addict and can't seem to quit the stuff.....


  • oomalmal
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    I have frequent Migraines and sometimes I drink a coke with my meds to make it work better. It may be all in my head, but it works. I just fit it into my calories and go on. Mind you, this is only about once or twice a week.
  • Gunr2147
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    I have done that as well. I can tell when I haven't had one for a few hours because that is when the "pain" begins.....
  • zdreamer
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    I do not miss pop much. However, if I truly want some Coke........I just have a little, track it and move on. That way I'm not continually thinking about it.

    I did notice that I am less likely to do that now that I am tracking food because I can see the non-nutritional calories and they seem much more real!

    The more water you drink, the more you will love it!
  • Acg67
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    How the hell does everyone curve their soda pop cravings? I am a Pepsi addict and can't seem to quit the stuff.....

    See if your insurance covers Pepsi detoxes and go form there
  • neretete
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    I have found that if I start with drinking pop then I want pop. If I start with water, I want water. Mostly I seem to want pop out of habit more than anyting. I drink one mug of coffee and bring two 25-ounce water bottles to school every day. After my coffee I make myself switch to the water. I don't let myself have any pop until all my water is gone. I have found that doing this I really don't even want the pop, and my body craves the water. If I do get the pop, it rarely tastes as good as I remember.
  • nolongerXXL
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    Honestly, I quit "cold turkey".

    I was, sad to say addicted to coke/pepsi. I felt the NEED to have one.

    I just started doing this: Once a week when I go to the produce market (it's like a store with fresh produce and seafood) grab a diet A&W root beer, if I want it. Honestly after not having carbonation for so long, I takes me several hours to finish it. The last one I got, I sipped it just a little and totally forgot about it, I ended up throwing it out.
  • jaxokc
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    I used to drink 5-8 12oz cans of Coke a day. Now, I rarely ever have one, MAYBE one a month. When I was cutting back, if I felt the urge to have one I'd drink half and throw it away. Then I'd cut to just a few sips and throw the rest away. That way you don't feel that you are depriving yourself and it helps with caffeine headaches if you get those. I didn't switch to the smaller can because metally it helped to recognize the soft drink as garbage and that's where it belonged. Now, like fast food, it taste horrible and I just don't want it anymore.

    Marketing is amazing. If I see a Coke commercial it still triggers the "Oh that sounds soo good", but to actually drink one...blah.
  • bearkisses
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    so sad that this is our planet and what we have done to ourselves.

    i grew up in a house that drank water, and got some juice and sometimes had pop on special birthdays! and christmas...

    just stahp!
  • jljshoe1979
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    I love my soft drinks - I love the sugar, the caffeine, the carbonation...soooo I know how hard it is to stop completely. Some things I've done in the past 1) stop cold turkey (I get headaches and irritability for a few days, but it passes), 2) reduce your intake each day (right now, I only allow myself ~8-10 ounces everyday of something to drink other than plain water) 3) make yourself drink the same amount of water that your drinking in soda everyday on top of the 6-8 glasses of water you should be drinking everyday.

    Two things I haven't tried, but have heard of working for others: 1) for every calorie of soda you drink, workout to burn that many calories, 2) a friend of mine got one of those "make your own soda" machines. She loves it and sometimes even just makes carbonated water because she likes the carbonation.

    Good luck!
  • RambyPandy
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    I read about the health risks and it scared me. So I stopped!
  • whierd
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    I don't curve it, I take it straight.
  • coe28
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    I was the same way, but with Diet Pepsi (which I learned was even worse). I switched to crystal light (agh! the aspartame! I know, I know...) because at the time I was a smoker and needed something with flavor to cover the taste in my mouth. Now that I've quit smoking, I'm weaning myself off the crystal light too and switching to plain old water.
  • Seltzer water. It's a nice change to just plain water. I will have a diet soda maybe ONCE a month, and never regular soda (sugar + inflammation disease = more pain).

    I spritz some lemon or lime juice in my seltzer water too. Nice flavor.
  • cwolfman13
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    I quit cold turkey and din't have any soda for about 4-5 months. I have some now occasionally, but I avoid high fructose corn syrup, so whatever I choose to drink has to be natural sugar...I usually do the Sanpellegrino sparkling lemon or orange beverages...maybe once or twice per week.
  • MommaChocoLatte
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    If I want it, I have it. If I don't, it's all I will think about. I dont believe in deprivation, moderation baby *wink*

    I just make sure I have a bottle of water first.
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    I know what you mean. I can't seem to get him off my mind either.

  • circles2
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    I hear you, but my version is Diet Coke. It is a tough one to kick..I did go off totally, for a month then had one and gradually am back to my original intake. I have to focus on weight loss as my priority, but do want to address this, soon.
  • joeylu
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    I drink flavored seltzer water. They taste better than diet soda with no caffeine
  • hugsy85
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    I have been a huge Coca-Cola drinker for years - and find the taste of Coke Zero or Diet to be awful. So far I have been able to cut it out and maybe have one Coke every 2 weeks.

    I started adding the Propel Zero packets to my water bottle (one packet in a 32 oz). Helps curb that sugar craving and allows me to drink more water instead.
  • 2ht2hand1e
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    I bought a sodastream and we make our own flavorings. It's also a lot cheaper than buying soda in the long run, especially if you fill your CO2 tanks at paintball stores.