Injured knees! Workout required... Please help!

Both my knees were hurt 11 days into the Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred workout & i am so disappointed. I think it was the jumping jacks but i kept pushing myself because for the first time in a very long time i enjoyed working out.
I don't want to stop working out but i can't afford to put any pressure onto my knees because i am in a whole lot of pain.
What type of workouts can i do while i am nursing my knees back to health???

Any advice would be appreciated... :flowerforyou:


  • joolywooly33
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    I don’t have any advice, but am interested in the response. I am 4 days into 30DS and also have sore knees. My right knee has always been a bit temperamental but noticed that they are both stiff and painful this morning. I was going to just soldier on.....:blushing:

    Not sure if I should be stopping. I am really enjoying the workout and reeing results already!
  • heethar
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    I hate the bike, but cycling is low impact enough to keep going. Just play it by ear and listen to what your knee is saying. Swimming is a good one and skating (as long as you don't fall onto your knees) works when I tweak a knee on a run. Just google some modifications for routines. It is possible to continue with your fitness with a knee injury. Good luck!!
  • heethar
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    Also, make sure to ice post exercise if the pain is bad the next day. General soreness is expected, but if its sharp or persistent then there is too much inflammation.

    One last thing to think about is the form in which you are doing these routines. They shouldn't hurt, you should be sore, but not hurt.
  • NutellaAddict
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    Ice and Motrin.--Rest....Stretch see how it feels in 2 days.
  • kahyee
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    Cycling and swimming are good alternatives. In place of jj's, try doing sidesteps. Hope your knee gets to feeling better.
  • After snowboarding this year, my knees were messed up for a few months!

    I quit doing any high impact exercises until they were feeling better.

    Instead I concentrated on lifting weights, doing various crunches, bicycle crunches, C-circles, Donkey Kicks and some yoga.

    NO squats or jumping jacks! There are plenty of exercises you can do to avoid hurting your knees! They may not be high cardio, but it's more important to preserve your knees; you only get one pair and they have to last you - your entire life!!!

    After about 2 1/2 months my knees were feeling better and I felt like working in some squats and jumping jacks, jogging, etc..

    Just take it easy and work your way up, gradually, to that crazy, high impact workout you all are trying!

  • Unaisha8
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    I was in the same situation as you when I started the 30 DS. My legs and abs were so sore that I couldn't even walk for two days. My mum advised me to take two paracetamol and guess what the pain was gone the next morning. You can even go for a nice massage but please don't quit because the results are totally worth it :smile:

    As for the exercises, you can try yoga or go for a walk as this would loosen up your sore muscles.
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    I agree with the Ice and Motrin...and the swimming. Also, walking is a good low impact to still get them working. Wear braces on them...the kind that have a hole where the knee cap is.

    I know with Turbo Fire, there are modifications you can do so you don't have to jump...maybe see about modifying the exercises to make them more lower impact, but the same intensity. I usually do the lower intensity because if I try to jump and try not to make a bunch of noise and such in my living room, I don't jump correctly. Also, when doing squats and such, make sure your form is correct.

    GOOD LUCK...I know how much of an annoyance it is to have knee issues...have had them since I was a teenager!! :-)
  • spirit05
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    Walking is what I do. I have really bad knees and knew from day 1 that the 30 DS would cause injury if I didn't seriously modify some of the exercises.
    I started by walking at home with Leslie Sansome, recently I have found new youtube videos that are more interesting - power walking by Jessica Smith, I find the Latin beat easier to stay with and more fun.
    I also do sumo squats now, they strengthen your core and the supporting structures around your knees, after a few days I really noticed less pain overall!