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30 Day Shred - first time!

Hey ya'll! Just started the 30 Day Shred yesterday ... wondering if there's anyone else out there who's early on in the program and wants to be a 30DS buddy? :)


  • chipmunk_87
    chipmunk_87 Posts: 42
    Why don't you join this group:
    You're only a couple of days behind.
  • Jennas125
    Jennas125 Posts: 16
    i just stated as well yesterday. I can feel it in my chest thighs and arms. i love it and im going to continue it to finish then do 30ds extreme.
  • amberrrjustine
    amberrrjustine Posts: 10 Member
    hey! I'm on day 3 of level 1 and i love it! I'm super sore but its so worth it. I'm also doing an hour of cardio at the gym 4-5 days a week.
  • jenniferannkuhn
    I did it Tuesday and planned to do it everyday this week... well apparently I went to hard at it Tuesday because my quads hurt so bad I can barley move! I plan to continue once they stop hurting so bad...
  • northerngem
    northerngem Posts: 11
    done day 2 - yay me! didn't really find it any easier ... i am so out of shape!! :P i've decided to have one day off in seven - with working shift work and other commitments, I'd only be setting myself up to fail if I tried to do 30 days straight. i have all the dates in my iCal so i should be able to stay on track!

    is anyone else taking scheduled "rest" days?
  • RedRita32
    RedRita32 Posts: 321 Member
    I did it this morning :) I like it! are you suppose to do this every day without breaks?? I would this 2 days rest in a week would be good for your body to rest..