eating all 1350 calories

so my limit is 1350 a day. most days im under that and there may be a day or 2 when im slightly over. my question is, if i eat all 1350 calories everyday and excercise will i still lose weight or should i always stay under my goal? i know sometimes ill have a big breakfast and then ill want a big dinner but not going over my calories. is this ok or no?


  • Ready2Rock206
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    It's called a goal because you're expected to reach it. So yes, if you factored 1350 is the amount you need to lose weight and you eat 1350 you would lose weight.
  • AmyRhubarb
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    Agreed - your daily goal has a built in deficit, so eat to goal (or even a little over), and you'll lose weight. I would also eat back exercise cals so that your net cals reach goal at the end of the day - if you don't, you create an even larger deficit, which isn't good - a smaller, reasonable deficit is better for fat loss.
  • hi guys my name is princy im 5"6 weight 181lbs want to lose at least 45lbs by november my "wedding" my bmr is showing 1680 ...mfp says i should eat 1460 calories.. to lose 1lbs a week..?I burn about 200 cal by exsercise.. i used to eat all fast food and all and maybe i was eating around 3500 cal a day..As of april 20th i started to eat only 1350 cal a day would u guys advice me to lose weight..?how would i do the 500 deficit if i only eat no more then 1350+200 burned cal a day..can anyone guide me pls pls.......thanks in advance