Craving junk food @ night

For some reason i tend to crave pizza & all sorts of junk food at night especially just before i got to bed but when i wake up the next morning i am totally fine... no cravings @ all. I am mostly grateful in the morning that i didn't give into my cravings & look forward to healthy eating & exercise... But i must admit some nights the cravings get really bad (& 11pm is no time to be eating) & i fantasise about all the foods i used to eat or dream up new recipes & all of them with cheese (& i mean lots of cheese)... :blushing: So far... i have managed to be good & strict with myself... mondays - saturdays are healthy eating all the way & on sundays i allow myself treats in moderation...

Does anyone else go through late night cravings & what do you do to distract yourself???


  • jen_zz
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    This happens to me all the time, almost daily actually lol. What I find helps is if I have mor than 100g of protein earlier in the day, the craving for bad carbs tend to be less before bedtime.

    Also on some days that I really crave junk food before bed time (I usually eat these junk on my bed.. I know..) I just eat less during the day and factor some calories to cater the junk.

    I would suggest drinking some decaf tea and take deep breaths, and ask yourself if you are really hungry or if there's just some emotional needs that need to be filled.
  • Kifissia
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    Same thing for me. I used to be an ex-smoker, so when I quit I would have the exactly same thing happen- craving, dreaming and fantasizing about cigarettes. It was usually something that triggered the craving which I associated with cigs: stressful moment, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol and especially after a meal.
    Same thing has been happening for me now that I'm a non-smoker only substitute McDonald's/chocolate/Stacy's cinnamon & sugar pita chips for cigs. I take deep breaths, check in with myself to see if my body is hungry or my mind thinks I'm hungry. I drink water. I check into MFP and look at my numbers. If my body isn't hungry and my MFP numbers match- then I know it's all in my head. I drink more water and go to bed. Sometimes I can stop my mind. Sometimes I don't. I just subtract those extra calories the next few days.
    If I do eat- I don't beat myself up. I try to get more exercise in and see how I feel.
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    What jenzenzen said! Seriously, all the time with the cravings at night for me! But I've also noticed if I have lots of protein earlier in the day it's less intense.

    Usually I'll chug my water bottle (dehydration is a major snack attack trigger for me) and sit for a bit while I think about that scene from Dinotopia (I know, don't judge, lol) where the girl reminds her father/mayor about the colony rule "eat to live, do not live to eat" while he shovels food into his face. Or that scene from LOTR where Denethor eats to Pippin's song. The tomato pulp running down his chin just turns my appetite right off, haha. Sometimes hot tea helps, too, if grossing myself out doesn't work. :)
  • vorgas
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    I discovered that exercise and food create the same sort of endorphins and my late night cravings were more endorphin craving than food craving.

    Once I knew that, I started putting on some walking shoes at night. When I got the craving, I went for a quick walk. If I still had the craving when I got back, which was rare, at least I had earned 100 calories :)
  • Emmerz85
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    I definitely get those cravings. That's the worst, because you might have been good all day but then all of a sudden you can't get enough! I used to give in to mine, and could never lose weight. If it's really late I'll just go to bed and read, and that takes your mind to a completely different place. Also, don't watch Food Network that late, it's a trap!
  • dorthymcconnel
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    When I am very stressed --as i was last night --I crave high sodium foods. And last night I gave in. I fixed a package of ramen noodles for my son, added some cheese to it, and had three bites of it myself. But, I did resist going back to the kitchen to make one for myself. I went on to sleep and this morning quick added the calories from the naughty slip up.
  • Cam_
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    I'll have an orange, apple or sometimes a pack of Quaker Crispy Minis - 90 calories - nothing too crazy or high in carbs.
  • Confuzzled4ever
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    So your body is probably missing something it needs or wants.. or you're just looking for something sweet.

    if it's sweeet..
    do honey in tea. I use mint or mint chamoele as min chamoele is good for your tummy and helps relax you for sleep.. or a piece of fruit like orange or pineapple or cherries..

    if your lacking some nutrients check what you are eating earlier in the day. I'm usually so full after dinner that I'm not even hungry when I wake up for breakfast.
  • MzzFaith
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    this is totally me
  • eazy_
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    I bring it on myself. I live in Washington, 420 is legal. Last two nights I have had ice cream and snickers.
  • If you're craving pizza so hard then here's a crazy idea......have a slice of pizza.

    You said it yourself, you are being strict with yourself. Why?

    Pizza is my favorite. But I never crave it hard because I do eat pizza.
    ^this.. Just make sure it fits into your daily calorie consumption
  • Amanda_Tate28
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    I get cravings too. Try making healthy versions of unhealthy food to give yourself at night.

    I love chips and salsa so I did cucumber instead.

    There are recipes all over the internet! Find one for pizza!
  • dieselbyte
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    If your cravings are so bad, why not make a daily allowance for them? If the foods fit your caloric and macro goals, there is nothing wrong with allowing yourself to eat the foods you crave. You aren't cheating by eating the foods you enjoy. You may even find that at certain times, after you incorporate those foods into your diet, that there will be days when you don't want to eat those foods. Dieting and tracking your calories doesn't have to be painful in order to work. It really shouldn't be a contest to see what foods you can deprive yourself of, rather, you should look to create a lifestyle where you can enjoy what you like and still hit your goals.
  • fivethreeone
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    11pm is no time to be eating

    Says who?

    Eat at whatever time you like. If you want some pizza, have a slice of pizza. If you get hungry before bed and it would help you to eat a big meal at night, allocate your calories accordingly.

    Set yourself up for success.
  • ryry_
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    I have a similar experience as you. So now I just grab my coffeee in the morning, eat a decent lunch and save the rest of my caloris for post 5 o'clock. It works very well.