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PCOS, Hypothyroidism, and Tachycardia...HELP

Im so defeated lately.... I have so many things stacked against me...losing weight is a nightmare! Im 285, and I go to the gym and am under my calorie count and I take my frustrating because I am not allowed to get my heart rate above can I lose weight that way? Anyway, I hope theres someone out there who gets it :)


  • xadian
    xadian Posts: 9
    SSSOoOOooooo much of weight loss is about diet! My resting heart rate used to be 110bpm its now 55-60 after losing 50pounds without ANY exercise! I have PCOS too.. just like 1 in 5 other women. You can def. loose the weight with forgetting about high intensity, then your heart rate will be normal and you'll be able to do that cardio to keep with weight falling off! Believe it, believe in you! x
  • peggygordon946
    peggygordon946 Posts: 6 Member
    Thank you so much! I am trying the best I can to do this without "over-doing" it. lol I stick mainly to the circuit training and the stationary bike and elliptical. the bike and elliptical have sensors that monitor my heart rate so that helps. I am doing my best to stay positive but its so discouraging at times when I see people running on a treadmill and i know I cant...Im sticking with it tho! Thanks for the boost! Good luck to you as well! Add me if you wish!
  • servilia
    servilia Posts: 3,452 Member
    You can do it! When you do cardio keep it low intensity. The machines have sensors as you mentioned and walking is lower intensity as well as long as you're not doing speed walking. Good luck
  • lmc8774
    lmc8774 Posts: 129 Member
    It might take you longer, but you can do this. You can still burn fat and calories with low intensity workouts. A lot of people on here have lost all their weight with diet and walking. So don't get frustrated and give up. My guess is that as you lose weight you will be able to handle higher intensity workouts. I too have health problems that make it difficult to exercise but I still keep going. It might take me longer to do something, but I still do it. I've run 3 marathons and finished close to last every single time, but I'm so glad that I have had those experiences. So hang in there and good luck!