Hip Hop Abs

Has anyone here completed the Hip Hop Abs program? I'm looking for anyone doing this program now, has already finished it, or is an awesome motivator to be my friend! I too will motivate you in your journey.


  • hockeyfan87
    hockeyfan87 Posts: 206 Member
    I finished it as of last Thursday :) Loved it, lost 8 lbs in the 4 weeks :)
  • speediejane
    speediejane Posts: 496 Member
  • SF2514
    SF2514 Posts: 794 Member
    I am on week 3 (re-did week 3 because of health reasons). It's been great for me so far! I've been doing it along with rockin' body =). Excellent results.
  • I do the cardio portions between lifting... so, I can't give a full program review. I have done all of the workouts, and I love them! So much fun!

    My favorite is Cardio Groove!
  • summerbert
    summerbert Posts: 292 Member
    Hip hop abs is an amazing starter program. I noticed very nice body changes and started doing CLX after and am losing weight like mad
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