Wanting to focus on more on inch loss

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Hey Guys,

So the scale has been my friend of late, the tape measure not so much! Normally as long as I'm losing something I'd be happy, but I'm a bit of a deadline in the sense that I'm flying home in a few months and would like to surprise my family.

I appear to be thinner/leaner, but for the lack of a better term at the moment it feels like I'm flattening out instead of slimming down! My hips and bust measurements aren't going down dramatically , but I can definitely tell my legs are leaner and my waist is getting smaller.

So any tips for losing inches off the hips? I'm naturally curvy even at 55 kgs I was curvy so I know I won't all of a sudden be able to fit my butt into a size UK6, but I would like to lose some inches off my hips, I know clothes isn't everything and I am getting stronger and leaner its just I lost 15 kgs and I've only really gone down a size or two! Yes, lol I want to go shopping!

I know lunges, squats etc are really good for a lower body workout, but should I rather focus more on strength training and less on cardio? I do a lot of lower body workout as I'm really strong in my lower body.

I guess I just want someone to tell me there's hope lol that I can lose another 3kgs and maybe 3 inches off my hips! In three months preferably if not hey it'll happen when it happens

My measurements are 40" bust 29" waist(smallest part) and 41" hips (might be a lil off as I measure in cms not inches)

So yes, should I just start a Jillian Michaels program and stick to it (I know people say you lose mostly inches instead of weight) or should I focus more on strength training?



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    Specific exercises will NOT help you lose weight from your hips. They will strengthen your leg muscles, but it will not target the fat to be lost. You just have to be patient and eat your moderate calorie deficit to lose fat. Fat will come off when and where it wants to, and for some dang reason, it's usually not the places we prefer. Just stay patient and keep at it!