Darn you google! Barre/Ballet workout Q

curds Posts: 201 Member
Hey I tried to google the 25 day ballet boot camp challenge and google is just confusing me.

Has anyone done it? I think I found a schedule for it, but it doesn't seem to be very popular with the other challenges there's usually a lot of information on it.

This might just be me, but I love barre workouts! I suck at them for the most part lol, but I don't know I just enjoy it.The barre workout I do just brings such a nice ache to the legs (weird I know, but instead of the ache you get from cardio/strength training, its just a dull you know you worked out ache)

So anyone know if the challenge actually brings results? I did the squat challenge and my butt didn't change that much (I had an okay ;) butt to start off with so I couldn't see a big difference)

also ps: Silly question, but barre workouts are more strength training than cardio right?)