Is there any real reason to give up wheat produts...

If you're not actually gluten intolerant? I gave up wheat, for the most part, because I thought it was necessary as part of my new "clean eating" approach. I replaced wheat bread products with sprouted grains. Which is fine, I like them. They are just more calories and more expensive than their wheat counterparts. I like brown rice pasta, but again, I miss my Fiber Gourmet pasta which has fewer calories.

So...and I know there will be lots of different answers, but can someone point to a study or explain to me why we shouldn't eat wheat? Something other than just being a low carb person which I will NEVER be....thank you very much:)


  • wolfchild59
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    Some people, even those that don't have Celiac's disease can have a bit of discomfort or bloating from eating too much gluten. If you do not experience that, then no, there is no actual health reason to cut gluten out of your diet.

    Often gluten free items aren't any healthier than their regular counterparts. You'll sometimes see higher salt or sugar content to compensate for taste, or other fillers and chemicals to compensate for texture (and/or taste).

    So if you don't have a problem with eating the gluten, just eat the products that you prefer to eat. :)