Weight Watchers

I was just wondering if anyone happens to know how many calories Weight Watchers goes by. I know they use the point system but they still must have it base on calories.

I have a friend that does curves and said they go by 1500 calories. Thanks


  • rekite2000
    rekite2000 Posts: 218 Member
    Depends on your weight and age. For me, it was close to my estimated TDEE15% at light activity. For me this was about 2400 calories (500 for nursing a baby). As you lose weight, points go down just like your TDEE would.
  • Pearsquared
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    It's based on macros + fiber.

    Here's the formula for points+ : http://foodrefashionista.wordpress.com/2011/03/13/pointsplus-formula-for-calculating-points/

    So, partially based on calories, but not entirely. Points allotted change depending on where you are in your weight loss journey, but the points value of food doesn't change.

    Of course, fruits and most vegetables are 0 points, as an exception.