Away for a while, continuing weight lifting options

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I'm planning to be working Download Festival, then going to Glastonbury Festival a couple of weeks later and not returning in the mean time - I may stay longer at Glastonbury too.

Don't mind having a bit of a break, but it may end up being a month away and would prefer to keep doing 'something'.

At the moment I'm doing a bit of a variation on Starting Strength.

(I'm around 80kg and I - Deadlift 150kg, Squat 122.5kg, Bench 86.25kg as an idea.)

It seems my options are:
A) Find gyms near where I am and pay to use them. Not that convenient.

B) Take a full weight setup with me (I will be in a 7.5t motorhome, so it's not entirely unfeasable, but I am a little limited on weight available.)

C) Take limited weights (just dumbbells say, maybe make up a super-light bench.)

D) Go for body weight exercises. Maybe focus on a hypertrophy a bit more.


  • vorgas
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    Plenty of good bodyweight routines. Convict training, etc. Find a gym from time to time that will give you a day to a week free pass.