This is why I'm fat



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    I had the same problem. It takes 4 weeks to break a routine :) I stopped snacking at night cold turkey. I drank different flavored teas passed dinner, 1-2 per night. Peppermint helps curb cravings :) Good luck to you. You can TOTALLY break that routine.
  • Wecandothis
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    Don't forget to eat enough healthy fats. Once I started to eat healthy fats - like EVO - and Coconut Oil I stopped having so many cravings.

    As for the carb cravings, you can get rid of them somewhat but you have to fight at the beginning. It gets easier with time. I know you can do it!
  • taso42
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    your diary is full of gaps and holes. start by consistently logging everything.
  • conniehv40
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    I started gathering friends on mfp because of the SAME reason! I am done for the day with my calories and all I think about is the snacks in the cupboard.

    It is just something that you HAVE TO WORK AT AND HARD! I have kept around my calories a few times, but I don't think I ever come under because of my evening obsession.

    I just read an article on how Jordyn Sparks lost 50 pounds and it was simple: she chooses the right foods now (salad with dressing on the sides and chicken, stops after eating the right size portion and does not eat at night.)

    She didn't have an easier time than I am, so I am going to TRY really hard.
    good luck!!!
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    Where are your fruits and veggies?!?! These are wonderful low calorie snacks. Celery, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots with a little bit of ranch dip=awesome. And I'm sorry, but I do not buy into the the "it costs more to eat healthy excuse." Shop the sales, and if you have an Aldis around you, they have an awesome produce section. Your child and husband could benefit from additional veggies and fruit as well.
  • bbcoachmegan

    Based on your diary most of the things you eat are pre-packaged, processed food.

    Unfortunately, at this time, that's all I have. It's a struggle because my husband and son are fine with what they eat (I'm not fine with it, but they are) and it's hard to justify spending a limited grocery budget on fresh produce, etc. when I'm the only one that eats it. I wouldn't mind making things from scratch if I could figure out how to afford it.

    I have a LOT of budget friendly, healthy options. Let me know if you're interested in any of the recipes!!!
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    Are you sure that a large part of it isn't boredom? I know when I started this (mind you I've only been here a month) that I was surprised to realize how often I thought I wanted a snack but really was just bored with what I was doing or the show I was watching.

    Maybe try to shake up your routine a little and see if that helps too.
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    I don't want to sound harsh but all I am seeing is excuse after excuse. If you want to get healthy, do it. I have OCD, bi-polar and social anxiety and I don't sit around making excuses. Do you do the shopping and cooking? If so, problem solved. If not ask for their support. Eating healthy is not hard or expensive.
    Oh...another great book is "Brain Lock" I read it when I found out I had OCD.
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    Or at least part of the reason. I'm in bed watching tv around 8pm and literally all I can think about is food. I've already eaten my calories for the day. I start craving cinnamon rolls, even look up low calorie recipes. I eat a portion of mozzarella cheese. I exercise for 10 minutes. Still all I think about is food, specifically something sweet. Hours later, still thinking about food. I exercise for 10 more minutes.

    How the hell do I deal with this every single night?

    Drink some water, brush your teeth and then chew some gum if you're still craving food. Last but not least....go to sleep. I find it hard to eat while sleeping. LOL
  • missypoo1974
    I haven't read the entire thread, so I apologize if this is a repeat. Do you like jello? Sugar free jello is VERY low in calories (20 calories per 1/2 cup) And if you put a little bit of canned fruit in it (35 cals for 1/2 a peach cup), it tastes delicious....well, in my opinion. I usually have some in the fridge for those sweet cravings.
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    Drink lots of water, make sure you get enough nutrition (like fiber and protien) and give it some time. I don't know what all has changed in me over the last year, but my appetite has dropped significantly. A year ago, I would eat 2300 calories in a day if I didn't restrict. Lately, I eat around 1500 calories and don't feel hungry. The worst part is the first few weeks, but it does get easier!
  • carmie12345
    Fresh produce can seem like alot of money but it depends how you use it. You should take a look at the processed foods you have and ask yourself can you easily make these yourself. Like soup. It might seem cheaper to buy cans of soup. But realize when you are making soup (or any recipe) from scratch the end quantity is much greater and lasts much longer (therefore making it much cheaper or at least comparable in the long run).
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    I always "save" some cals for a small sweet late night snack. Lately it's been 4-5 hershey kisses.
  • FlaxMilk
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    I wouldn't start out too aggressively, but I would start by telling your husband how hard this is for you and ask him to make a switch into less processed food with you. (I haven't read your diary, but I agree that for some people many very processed foods can be addicting and not have much satiety.)

    If your husband refuses, I would tell him that you are going to take a portion of the grocery budget for you and only you. Remember that frozen and canned fruits and veggies still count as healthy (but rinse the canned to get rid of some sodium and don't buy the ones packaged in syrup. Personally, I hate canned veggies, but many people love them.) Then, cook your meals for yourself, for a portion of one, and let your husband make his own food for himself and your son. There is no reason you should be a short order cook. Let them know when you go to cook your dinner that you are happy to make enough for everyone so long as they speak up right now.

    Your son is not really a factor in the above. If your husband is on board, he can eat what is served or spend his own money on the other food.
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    People have suggested to stop watching TV and I agree that it would be a good idea to limit it. I love to watch TV, but I've noticed the commercials and what people are eating on TV are what subconsciously make me hungry. Seeing pizza, fast food, chain restaurant dishes, etc. makes me want to eat.
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    Find an Aldi grocery store in your area. The prices are so much cheaper for fresh lettuce and me. Also drink hot herbal tea at night when you watch t.v.. that is what I do. I'd also eat a hard boiled egg white if you are really crazy hungry. It works and is so low in calories.
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    you said you would love a hobby.

    learn to knit or crochet. it keeps your hands busy, and is very cheap. yarn is like 1-5 bucks a skein for the cheaper quality stuff to learn on, hooks/needles are only a few bucks too (or free is you have an aunt/mom/grandmother with spares!!)
    there is tons of videos on youtube so you can learn without spending money on books and there's tons of free patterns too.

    i taught myself knitting and crocheting last christmas and i love it. i crochet while i walk in place and watch tv =] i just think it looks cleaner than knitting.

    anyway, it's something you might like!
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    at work I always want something sweet after lunch. I found having a nice crystal light gives me the sweet I crave without the calories. Also, agree that eating healthier is not more expensive. Meals based on lean protein and rice and side veg are not more than the prebreaded and prepared stuff at all. And as far as justifying the cost of spending money on healthy food.... dang girl... chang your mindset.... YOU ARE WORTH IT!
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    I know it is really hard but, veggies are cheaper then packaged food. I deal with the same thing in my family. If that's what you have you just have to have a firm "no food after 8" rule. Drink water, eat a apple and you will feel full.Good luck.