lifting/strength training video to do at home?

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Does anyone have any recommendations? I will be finishing Jillian's Body Revolution soon and am looking to get another video to do at home for strength. I already get a lot of cardio with no issue and will be investing in some nice adjustable weights for at home. I would prefer to do my lifting in the evening and am the type that REALLY likes to have a video to follow along with.

Something no longer than around 30 minutes is preffered, As a working mom to a toddler, I just don't have more time than that.

Thanks in advance!


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    To my knowledge, there are no good strength training videos... DVDs are all cardio based, which is fine, but not what you said you were looking for.

    Spend some time look-up/reading about various lifting routines. I like routines based on compound movements (stronglifts, starting strength, etc), but anything using heavy weight, low reps, hitting the major muscle groups will be fine.
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    Actually Chalene Extreme and the P90X series both offer good strength training DVDs, but they are over 30 min. Chalenes are about 45-50 min. P90X 55-60 min. And they are an expensive series, because you get quite a number of DVDs in each set. Cardio and resistance routines.

    They are a circuit type series, so its a faster paced video, which does offer some cardio conditioning as well, because of the short rest breaks between lift sets.

    Using them with lower rep count and higher weights will provide a very good resistance routine.

    My Husband and I do them, and both have gained a good amount of lean muscle, and strength. Though he is certainly more "muscular" looking, being male.
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    Haven't tried this program, but, plan to soon. it may be what you're looking for.
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    Beachbody now has Body Pump on dvd, its just like the Body Pump class and it involves lifting.........also Chalene Extreme, Jillian Michaels has some, and Cathe Frederich has some videos too.
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    Really great site with links to great DVD programs:

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    I have done 2 rounds of Supreme 90 Day (sort of a P90x knockoff) and I really like it because the workouts are shorter than p90x. I would highly recommend it though and you can find it on Amazon.
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    Reviving this because I am currently looking for a strength video to do at home that is under 1hr. I have been doing p90x but we moved and my pull up bar no longer fits on the doors, and the doors wont shut with the bands so I need an alternative using just weights. I dont want cardio - I have insanity. Any recommendations??
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    Check out Fitness Blender and BeFit on YouTube. Right now I am following several of their strength workouts. I like that it gives me a variety and I'm not doing the same workouts over and over.