Your FAVORITE Workouts!?

Hey everyone! I'm making a new fitness routine for August and I want to know what your favorite type of cardio to do it!

What machines do you like at the gym?

What do you do while on them (i.e. HIIT, time, resistance levels, etc).

Also, if you do strength training as well, what's your schedule like? (i.e. when do you do certain body parts, how many days a week, etc).

Okay so basically I'm just asking what your guys' workout routines are like.


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  • Come on, guys! I know you all love working out ;)
  • contingencyplan
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    I work out 6 days a week. My schedule is like this:

    Mon - Cardio (jump rope - usually for 40 minutes to an hour)
    Tues - Strength training (session @ gym w/ trainer in the form of functional strength training using a blend of medicine ball, kettlebell, and dumbbell exercises) + 20 minutes cardio (jump rope)
    Wed - Cardio (see Monday)
    Thurs - Strength training (see Tuesday)
    Fri - Cardio
    On weekends I will do one day of strength training at home using medicine balls and a suspension trainer and another day of rest. Which day varies depending on how I feel.

    Bear in mind that what constitutes a "rest day" for me still involved being somewhat active as I do have a VERY energetic dog who loves to play =)
  • mndamon
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    Strength training on Mon/Wed/Fri with about 20 minutes of cardio at the end of those. I do 20-30 min of HIIT cardio on 3 of the off days typically. As for what machines I change it up and use all of them, keeps me from getting bored of too used to something. Right now I have my splits laid out as legs/back, chest/triceps and biceps/shoulders. Once I drop the extra lbs I'll start incorporating maybe 2 days of ab work too.
  • Helloitsdan
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    Bench Press
    Military Press
    Chin ups
    Push ups
  • contingencyplan
    contingencyplan Posts: 3,644 Member
    Also i want to add that as a cardio tool no piece of gym equipment, with the possible exception of the rowing machine, is comparable to a basic $5.00 jump rope.
  • Thanks, guys! Just wondering- how high does your HR go while jump roping? Also, are you jumping completely through without stopping. I cant imagine doing that because 1. I feel I'd trip over the rope, haha. 2. Don't your calves hurt?!
  • nickhuffman74
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    My absolute favorite cardio is to jump in a ring and spar for a few rounds. Its like a mini vacation, for 3 minutes at a time the only thing on my mind is not getting beat on.

    I jump rope for 3 minutes at a time, HR does not get very high.
  • Yeah that was one of my biggest concerns bc I like to make sure I can get my HR up super high either via HIIT or drills so I wanted to know if jumprope would be best to incorporate into my workouts or not. Any exercise is better than no exercise, jump rope just isnt for me(:
  • nickhuffman74
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    Well jump rope may work for some, I do it so often that it does little for me now except keep my footwork and rhythm up to speed. Plus I logged a 3 minute jump rope session on here one time and only got 37 calories for it. It is good workout for your calves and front of shines when you first start.
  • contingencyplan
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    It is a good calf workout. I go completely through only pausing to catch myself when I slip up. Great cardio, burns a ton of calories. Goes pretty high when I do speed rope techniques.
  • Mondays-spin class, ab class & zumba-
    Tuesday-step & curcuit
    Thursday-Boxing class & circuit

    I have to say that step class is my favorite! Gives me a great workout while having fun. I am relatively new to the exercise classes but am motivated to keep trying!!
  • I'm into muay thai, boxing and running. Love cardio so much!!

    I also love squats and lunges. :-)
  • Mondays-spin class, ab class & zumba-
    Tuesday-step & curcuit
    Thursday-Boxing class & circuit

    I have to say that step class is my favorite! Gives me a great workout while having fun. I am relatively new to the exercise classes but am motivated to keep trying!!

    Those sound like great classes! I love the spin classes at my gym and am considering a kickboxing class(:
  • jacksonpt
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    I don't do machines at the gym. The gym for me is solely about heavy weights and compound lifts.

    Cardio I can do elsewhere, for free, and have more fun doing it.

    So FWIW, favorite cardio in no particular order is mountain biking, road biking, running, trail running basketball, raquetball... there's probably more but I doubt most of that is what you are looking for.
  • ucabucca
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  • plcalways
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    ZWOW Workouts (Zuzana Light). They are high intensity 10-20 min workouts and are amazing! I have a love, hate relationship with them. While I'm doing it, I don't like it but the next day when I am so sore I know it's working. It helps because I can always do them before work even if I wake up later since they are so short.
  • Jugie12
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    ...Just sayin'.
  • I try not to schedule my cardio because I find myself in a rut and as a result, I won't do as much. I try different ways of getting my heart rate up everyday. I absolutely LOVE doing yoga and breathing techniques, it's such a relaxing way to burn calories! There are plenty of hour long classes on for moderate yoga, so you can work at your own pace in the comfort of your home. I also find that I can run longer and farther when I practice yoga for even just 30 minutes a day. Calisthenics are a great way to get cardio for me as well. I like them mostly because you can change the workout so I don't get bored. Happy heart rates!
  • stormieweather
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    I love ALL mine! If I didn't, I'd change them.

    Monday - compound lifts
    Tuesday - zumba
    Wednesday - isolate exercises
    Thursday - zumba
    Friday - rest
    Saturday - compound lifts
    Sunday - kickboxing