Apparently, i'm a Fruit snob..

I just got called a fruit snob LOL b/c I prefer not to eat canned fruit. Nothing wrong with liking fresh stuff :) I thought it was funny, so thought i'd share! :happy:


  • coliema
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    I love fresh fruit too :smile: I used to eat both canned and fresh, but I've slowly switched over!
  • capnwo85
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    Canned fruit is for 2nd graders with lazy parents. :)
  • ilovemybuggy
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    Canned fruit is for 2nd graders with lazy parents. :)

    haha! <3
  • XtyAnn17
    XtyAnn17 Posts: 642 Member
    I only eat canned in 100% juice and only if I can't afford fresh
  • chocl8girl
    chocl8girl Posts: 1,968 Member
    Canned fruit is usually gross, and many times has sneaky added sugar if you don't get the right kind. No, thanks!
  • ValerieMartini2Olives
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    I tried using canned strawberries for pancakes toppings once. Oh my god, they were some of the nastiest things I've ever tasted. Ungodly sugary but incredibly bitter from the metal can. Gross.
  • pittskaa
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    Canned fruit is for 2nd graders with lazy parents. :)

    haha exactly!
  • DanaDark
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    Fresh fruit is a million times better than canned. Canned is always glazed in slimy, sugary crap.
  • pmad37
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    I guess I am a snob too - tha'ts okay :)
  • DeadMarsha
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    Canned fruit is for 2nd graders with lazy parents. :)

  • rml_16
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    The only canned fruit I have ever eaten was pineapple and it's pretty much just fresh cut up and put in a can (easier than cutting it up myself).

    I've never understood why anyone would buy the fruit pie filling stuff. Is it that difficult to do it from scratch???
  • Raynne413
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    I won't use canned fruit either. Besides my issues with the texture, most of the can linings contain BPA. And then there's the texture. LOL
  • I live in the midwest, and satsumas are apparently not a thing here. It's mandarin oranges in juice for me.

    I try to buy everything else fresh whenever it's available cheaply. I used to be able to sit down and eat a bag of any kind of candy in a day or so-- pretty much all of that has been replaced with fruit now. Hooray for sugar.
  • lorettaasmith
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    I prefer fresh fruit as well, but there are many circumstances where canned fruit has to suffice. Better canned fruit than no fruit!
  • ZugTheMegasaurus
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    Wow, just realized that I cannot even remember the last time I had fruit from a can (I kind of forgot you could get it that way). I didn't know that was snobbery, haha.
  • cyclingben
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    Canned fruit is for 2nd graders with lazy parents. :)


    Awesome, im reading this while eating a cantaloup, cherries, and pineapple all fresh.
  • Kenhabes
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    Canned fruit = gag. And to think, I used to wolf down Fruit Cocktail as a kid. Frozen fruit (no added sugar) is great, especially berries which are frozen at peak ripeness.
  • Where can you find fruit that grows in cans?? So why eat it that way unless you have to...
  • kerr2010
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    Canned fruit is nasty.
  • creech6317
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    I have found that canned fruit is only good for putting in sugar free jello. Otherwise I love going to the farmers market and getting really fresh fruit. It tastes so much better.