Got a unique ticker? Show it off!



  • mamabear0222
    mamabear0222 Posts: 455 Member
    from our trip to Alaska, just loved the how peaceful and beautiful this lake was ...
  • Sunscreenandsweat
    Sunscreenandsweat Posts: 190 Member
    A sign from Disney Land construction on the little mermaid ride in 2010 and I took a picture and made it pink.
  • LavaDoll
    LavaDoll Posts: 595 Member
    Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures.

  • DoomCakes
    DoomCakes Posts: 806 Member
    My son - he's the strongest person I know! He has 3 neurological disorders, 2 major brain surgeries, and numerous amount of testing and still can smile. Never give up, never never never ever give up!!

    Too awesome <3 Your son rocks.

    Mines just rainbow dash putting on her war paints. Just started and I'm not weighing myself daily. I will see if I can add a number to it Saturday
  • _Calvin_
    _Calvin_ Posts: 122 Member
    A picture of my favorite Saturday morning breakfast sandwich....if I've been good all week.
  • Lonewolf1507
    Lonewolf1507 Posts: 507 Member
    A photograph I took from the Bar of a Margeritaville restaurant in Jamaica of my home for a week :happy:

  • NancyMarie13
    NancyMarie13 Posts: 193 Member
    Mines is cool, I do missionary work at an Orphanage in Honduras so here is the flag of Honduras (=
  • msmith2020
    msmith2020 Posts: 365 Member
    I love Coraline!! Lol my favorite Tim Burton film!!
  • BJPCraig
    BJPCraig Posts: 417 Member
    My wife & I had a Renaissance-themed wedding, and this was one of the pics from it that I really liked.
  • Yanicka1
    Yanicka1 Posts: 4,564 Member
    My red converse. Got those for lifting and they make me feel badass
  • DoomCakes
    DoomCakes Posts: 806 Member
    Mine is just a Rainbow Triforce - Zelda nerds ftw.!

  • mustgetmuscles1
    mustgetmuscles1 Posts: 3,346 Member
    Mmmmm carbs. They are fuel for awesomeness.
  • Quasita
    Quasita Posts: 1,530 Member
    If anyone looking at this wants a custom ticker image, I can make you one... Mine is Dr. Steel but I've done others ha! This is fun though :)
  • MandaPaigeSparkles88
    MandaPaigeSparkles88 Posts: 1,289 Member
    My ticker is a picture of my little nephew Mason Steel who was born on my birthday. He's my everything. I love both my nephews Conner Chase and Mason Steel with all my heart.
  • curvykim78
    curvykim78 Posts: 799 Member
    I had to share mine as well...couldn't resist! :)
  • trishgrace
    trishgrace Posts: 285
    My ticker is just for one of my favorite tv shows!

    OMG Jax is so freakin Hot. Love Love Love this show. I may have to make my own SOA ticker
  • Mine is my pet rat, Riff Raff, hiding under my dog Lily.:heart:
  • Miribg
    Miribg Posts: 149 Member
    It's a picture of one of the hair dos on my daughter. Two dutch ribbon braids :)
  • kborton1122
    kborton1122 Posts: 914 Member
    I love shoes and these Tiffany blue Nikes are hot!
  • TexanThom
    TexanThom Posts: 778
    I think I have the best, but I am biased.