Hi. I wanted to know if anyone on here is from Northern California? Sacramento, Stockton, Folsom, Davis, Elk Grove, Bay Area.....Anyone? It would be nice to know someone on here that lives out here, instead of from the East coast or Canada. Maybe, someone to work out with here in Sacramento. Friend me if you are!


  • Cmon, there has to be ONE person from the Central Valley. Wheatland? Chico? EDH? Vacaville?
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    Live about a couple hours south of you in Merced, sent you a friend request. :)
  • Live about a couple hours south of you in Merced, sent you a friend request. :)

    Ah, the town that is getting the train to nowhere. Yes, I have been down there many times. Thanks!
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    Yeah, because we don't already have an Amtrak station if we want to So Cal or to the bay area without driving. Oh wait, we do...never mind what I just said.:laugh:
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    I'm in San jose.
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    East Bay - sent friend request
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    i am from the central valley....Mariposa, near Yosemite National Park.
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    I lived near Vacaville. I was in Fairfield Ca. Stationed at Travis Air Force Base.. HOOORAH!!!!
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    yep! norcal coast.
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    Wine Country... :P Sending a request!
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    I'm 40 minutes from the Northern CA border, in Reno. Ran the Color Run in Sacramento, yesterday.


    Ok...fine..didn't want to post the pic anyway! If you want to see some of them, they're in my blog.
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    I am from sac but alot older then you.
    Blisterlamb good for you for running the color run , I didnt run in it but saw alot of people out and about that did. Looked like fun
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    BlisterLamb - I did the Color Run yesterday too! SO much crazy fun!
  • I heardabout the run on Friday morning. I may participate next year (as well as MANY others) when I am more athletic.
    You can see me frequently throughout midtown, though. I love riding sprints up and down 15th/16th streets. Lights are mostly timed , and I like using the cars as bunny rabbits! haha.
    I want to experience midtown, but I need to feel confident about myself (it can be pretty intimidating). I am not completely ready to jump into a dive bar quite yet. Anyone else?
    Also looking to start a Fantasy Football league for Sactown. Would be the first I would be in one in which I actually know everyone.
    I have the Ticket this season!
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    Born and raised in Citrus Heights :-) But in Houston now :-( Sorry! I hope you find some people.