Need advice; considering breaking diet for a day

Hi everyone. How are all of you today?

I need some advice. My family and I are going to be at our county fair tomorrow (August 6). We're not permitted to bring our own food items into the fairgrounds, and my concern is that the foods available to buy there will be too high in calories for me to stay on target. We'll be there all day; there won't be an opportunity to leave until we're all ready to go, and we'll surely be there for both lunch and dinner.

Here are my questions:
-Can a day of ignoring my diet cause anything particularly bad to happen?
-Would additional exercise reduce or even nullify the effect of "going crazy" for one day?
-Should I expect to have gained weight when I weigh myself next Sunday? (My weigh-in day every week)
-Is there anything I ought to know that I haven't asked about?

Unfortunately, I'm a bit of a paranoid person at times. I'm hoping that hearing back from some of you here will grant me a better understanding of this situation of mine, and with such knowledge comes power =)

Thank you all for taking the time to read and respond. I really appreciate it!


  • mhuch110
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    Go ahead and eat. If you must, find the healthiest options. One day off isn't going to undo all of your hard work! You have to enjoy life!
  • AnvilHead
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    Personally I wouldn't sweat it - but I'm pretty flexible in my diet and don't get wrapped up in such things. You may see a slight weight gain from water retention due to all the sodium, but one bad day isn't going to kill your weight loss. Go do it, have fun with it and then get back on track. If a little extra exercise over the next few days makes you feel better about it, have at it.
  • PandaCustard
    PandaCustard Posts: 204 Member
    You should let yourself have a day every once in a while to just relax. You should still try to log your calories and maybe add in some more exercise for the rest of the week. One day will not hurt you.
  • Acg67
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    Don't let your diet control you, you should be in control of your diet. That means no worries if you go over for a day since the long term trend and being consistent with it, is what matters.
  • kingofcrunk
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    Last sunday I decided to ignore my diet and get Dominos (it was so tasty!!) - I smashed through my calorie limit.

    But this week I've had such a good weight loss week. I've lost about 3lbs! I think its more about average calories per week than any particular day. Don't worry too much.
  • orishp
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    One day is not going to ruin everything, unless you are doing a ketogenic diet. Sure up your exercise, maybe compensate the next day, and stay on track afterwards. I doubt you'll see the damage next sunday, and even then, you have already lost 9 lbs, which means you know how to get the numbers go in the right direction.

    Just try to not go too overboard ;)
  • gramacanada
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    You won't undo all your hard work in one day. If you try to exercise it away, you'll probably just end up hurting yourself. Maybe add a little. Enjoy your day at the fair. Choose the healthiest options there, and if your next weigh in is a bit of a setback, it was only one day. It'll equalize itself in a few days, if you get right back on your plan. Some people have a cheat day every week and do well enough.
  • Trechechus
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    I went to the OC fair a couple weeks ago with my family. I can't eat deep fried food anymore because I HATE the way it makes me feel. So, I found the Greek food and got a delicious Gyro sammich. Highlight of my day!
  • liog
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    Agree with the others. I don't deny myself anything. I try to make everything fit into my allotted calories but if I go over now and then I don't worry about it.
  • Think of it in terms of numbers. 3,500 calories = a pound. Which means you would mathmatically have to eat 3,500 calories OVER your TDEE which is probably 4,000 calories or more over your MFP calorie goal.

    Now think of it on the scale of an entire week. If you eat/burn 500 calories under your TDEE for one week you will have already canceled out all 3,500 calories!

    Preplan for a little extra exercise or one less snack here and there and have yourself a good time!
  • blytheandbonnie
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    Besides, you're at the fair. What are you going to be doing? You'll be walking around ALL DAY. There's some exercise right there. Have fun. It's one day. :happy:
  • dakotababy
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    Hey - RELAX! :D a day at the fair is always good...and the food can be rare (depending on what you eat). I actually just went to my city fair yesterday.

    I would suggest you eat a good filling breakfast. Drink plenty of water! Especially if its hot out. I found myself walking almost the entire time - which burns calories. In terms of the junk food...I took a bite here and there and shared with my boyfriend.

    Hope this helps.
  • SherryTeach
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    I think what I would do would depend on where I was in my goal. Me, I'm only seven weeks in so I don't really want to have a completely off day. Also after eating so clean for nearly two months, I'm pretty sure that most of the food at the fair would make me really sick. I am not above sneaking in almonds, carrots and other things in, just like I do to the movies. If I ate breakfast before and had a few snacks with me, I could get by with eating a small lunch at the fair and maybe finding a good option for that.

    Mostly, I would want to avoid being in gastrointestinal distress at the fair when the only option there is the port-a-potty!
  • CalorieCrazy86
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    A bit of extra exercise will do the trick and I'm sure you could sneak some healthy treats into your handbag!:) drink plenty of water to reduce water retention! Pick the healthiest option on the menu! ( when my friend goes to McDonald's, she orders the big mac without the meat, she feels the sauce, salad and bread are tasty enough and it lowers the calories). Start with a low cal breakfast before you go and track your calories as you eat. You can't go wrong. Enjoy
  • mgobluetx12
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    Just eat as healthy as you can and don't stress over it. I did a planned 'eat over my calories' day and consumed 700 extra one day. I lost 1.8lbs the next morning. Sometimes it's good for your body to have a little more, but I'd definitely keep deep fried and sweets to a minimum, if possible. Have fun!
  • Tropical_Turtle
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    One day will not kill you. Do not feel like you have to deny yourself to make changes. I do not deny myself anything. Shoot today is my birthday and I am taking the day to do what I want. Not as if I do it every day! So with this being said RELAX!
  • deb929608
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    Enjoy the day with your family. Don't worry about it. 1 day isn't going to hurt.
  • zyxst
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    Besides, you're at the fair. What are you going to be doing? You'll be walking around ALL DAY. There's some exercise right there. Have fun. It's one day. :happy:

    Just what I was thinking.
  • I'd eat what i wanted for lunch and dinner, but not go crazy like snacking all day long. Have fun!
  • sharleengc
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    I have 1 day a week where I ignore counting and it hasn't hurt my progress at all. For me that day is the day we go to town for groceries (we live 90 miles from town). Since it's not a quick trip, we take our time and go out to dinner and get ice cream on the way home...if we're there early, we get breakfast/lunch as well.

    It's good to indulge. We have discovered that denying ourselves something we want, only makes us go crazy next time we see it. For example, if I want chips and I say "no, don't do that" and I skip it, then next time I eat like half the bag instead of the few chips that would have satisfied me if I had them in the beginning.

    So...go to the fair! Have some fun and an elephant ear for me!!!