Sixteen Months Difference



  • jenbehe
    jenbehe Posts: 110 Member
    Wow! Amazing! Great job :)
  • Wow! I am feeling very inspired now! xxxxx
  • cyberskirt
    cyberskirt Posts: 218
    THANK YOU!!! For the motivation! for the success! I started at 393 lbs!! I am so happy to see what can happen if I stick to it!!
  • FR89
    FR89 Posts: 186 Member
    amazing! well done! =)
  • jakidb
    jakidb Posts: 1,010 Member
  • junepinktigger
    junepinktigger Posts: 88 Member
    omg all o can say and think is WOW you look amazing,
  • The biggest thing I notice is that if you hadn't had said the before picture was you - I wouldn't have known. You look like a completely different person! Well done!
  • ClarkeEJ
    ClarkeEJ Posts: 155 Member
    You look amazing! Well Done xxx
  • AnneC77
    AnneC77 Posts: 284
    Amazing xx Thank you for sharing your journey x
  • Jenvan78
    Jenvan78 Posts: 50 Member
    Awesome, way to go :).
  • WRXymama
    WRXymama Posts: 342 Member
    Super job and amazing commitment! LOVE the quote “I am stronger than my excuses." Indeed!
  • jms3533
    jms3533 Posts: 316 Member
    What a fabulous commitment to your health! You look, and must feel, terrific! Thanks for sharing.
  • axnesshj
    axnesshj Posts: 28 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss. You are an inspiration.
  • rukus1
    rukus1 Posts: 112
    Amazing! Congratulations!
  • LovingCruz
    LovingCruz Posts: 640 Member
    Love it!! Congratulations!!
  • blb1230
    blb1230 Posts: 69 Member
    WOW!!! What an inspiration you are!!! Thanks for sharing!! :flowerforyou:
  • TaylorsGranddad
    TaylorsGranddad Posts: 453 Member
    there's nothing more I can add to what everyone else has said, simply inspirational

  • KittieLea
    KittieLea Posts: 1,156 Member
    WOW! You look amazing!
  • MommaKit79
    MommaKit79 Posts: 852
    Before - December 2010 (400+ pounds, size 30)
    After - July 27, 2012 (210 pounds, size 14)

    I began my lifestyle change on 4 April 2011 weighing 399 pounds. Yesterday was 16 months in and I am at 210 pounds. It is no longer a lifestyle "change".... it is normal to eat healthy choices and exercise. I have about 40 more pounds to lose to reach my goal and I can't wait to get there! I currently weigh about 35 - 40 pounds less than when I graduated high school in 1984 ~ my lowest as an adult. For those with large amounts of weight to lose, don't let the number overwhelm you. Take it a week at a time and you WILL do it. If I can, I truly believe anybody can. Wanting to lose the weight is not enough. You have to WANT it and DO it. Something I always remind myself, "I am stronger than my excuses."


  • Snoopy108
    Snoopy108 Posts: 94 Member
    AMAZING!!! Just as I was thinking of ditching my Boot Camp class I will go!!! Thank you!
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