NSV- No smoking/Treadmill

Today is day 12 without smoking :) I got on the treadmill tonight and started a 5.2 mph jog.....my usual distance is about half a mile before I'm all out of breath and slowing down. But tonight.....I WENT TWO WHOLE MILES NONSTOP :O I've never been a runner, (more like the girl who would walk the track in gym class and take an F because she couldn't run the mile in under X minutes) so that's a big deal to me LOL


  • dorseykm
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    Congrats on your treadmill distance and keep up the good work on not smoking!
  • GFox484
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    Congrats... I'm on day 6 now without smoking (Started August 1st). Feels great just hope I can keep it up!
  • CnocNaCu
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    Brilliant job:flowerforyou: :flowerforyou: :flowerforyou:
    I quit smoking 9 months ago after 37 years of heavy smoking. Next Sunday I'll run a 5K , have already done a 10K and the treadmill and the road are my best friends now.
    Stick to it and you will ask yourself why you haven't quit earlier :bigsmile:
    Be proud of yourself!
  • farmers_daughter
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    That's awesome!
    When something like that happens, it takes you back that you can actually "see/feel" progress.

    Yay for you!!1
  • Trechechus
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    Own it, girl! You are amazing!!
  • JAllen32
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    So happy for you!!! Keep up the great work!! Woohoo!!
  • Awesome NSVs!!!! Congrats!! :)
  • Sharonks
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    Good for you. You will continue to feel better over the next several weeks to months as your lungs clear up. Remember how good you feel right now so if you are tempted to smoke you realize you will lose this feeling. I started smoking when I was 12 and while I quit a few times over the years I pretty much have smoked my whole life. Almost 2 years ago I quit, relapsed for a few weeks and have been absolutely smoke free for 11 months. You've made it past the hard part so keep going.
  • ekz13
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    day 280 here and lovin it... it only gets better and better. you'll be doing 5k, 10k in no time.. you'll end up looking at all those other people weezing just walking up the stairs.
  • robinhardysmall
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    That is so awesome! 12 day is amazing! So proud of you! I want that one day soon- I'm trying to quit and have had one in the last 72 hours~

    seeing someone post this shows me it can be done! Thank you and congratulations on such a wonderful NSV:bigsmile:
  • rlmadrid
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    It's amazing the difference that quitting makes on your lungs!! I noticed a similar jump in progress when I quit. If anything, your new running success is motivation to never pick up another cancer stick :)
  • dixiewhiskey
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    Congrats to OP for your success!! You really can run and do more when you quit smoking! I have quit before but picked it up again. Congrats again to everyone else who has quit and are doing well! :)
  • apedeb09
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    Excellent! Great job for quitting. I have made a couple of failed attempts to quit within the last month or two and.. well, I need to try again. It's a tough thing to do but you're doing it! Yay :)
  • Yay! Great job on deciding to not let smoking be a cruch anymore! You rock :flowerforyou:
  • TravisBurns
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    GREAT JOB! I know so many people that have tried but just cant quit smoking. You are doing something many people don't have the willpower to do and it's a huge accomplishment. Keep it up and be proud.
  • missfelicia6
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    AWESOME!!! I quit smoking 6 weeks ago. I LOVE being able to breathe!!!
    Good for you!! Keep it up!
  • definitelyval
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    That is AWESOME! Congrats, and keep up the amazing work! :drinker:
  • sydnisd183
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    congrats on your 12 day smoke free and your running victory! I quit 12/24/2006 after smoking a little over 20 years. I know this is corny, but it really is one day at a time. As you overcome each craving, they will get weaker and weaker. the things i like the most is that i don't stink anymore. neither does my house, car, clothes, hair, etc
  • Rogiefreida
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    Way to go! Quitting smoking is HARD. I quit 2/27/11, cold turkey. It's rough, and some days it's still rough, but it's amazing how much better you will feel. Keep it up, it is possible to quit and stay quit :)

    Again, congrats. This is a way awesome NSV.
  • chezileigh
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    I find running is an excellent way to keep yourself from returning to smoking, because every time you run, you *KNOW* you couldn't do it if you were still smoking, so when temptation comes up, it motivates you to stay strong, because if you take a cigarette you won't run as well tomorrow.

    Well done on giving up, keep it up!