Got a unique ticker? Show it off!



  • YoshiZelda
    YoshiZelda Posts: 339 Member
    Mine is just a Rainbow Triforce - Zelda nerds ftw.!


    Why thank you :P !
  • YoshiZelda
    YoshiZelda Posts: 339 Member
    I love Bruce Lee:-)

    That has to be the most awesome ticker I have ever seen. Bruce Lee <3
  • Absidey
    Absidey Posts: 116 Member
    keeping a close eye on my progress

    This is my favorite. Hilarious.

    Mine is me hiking up the river in The Narrows in Zion National Park. One of my goals is to do the full 16-mile hike upriver. Also, it's a skinnier me, when I would still wear shorts. (Something recently reclaimed! Yay!)
  • Eclipsoh
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    Wow! I didn't expect this thread to take off like it did! How awesome! Loving the tickers, you guys!
  • ScatteredThoughts
    ScatteredThoughts Posts: 3,562 Member
    This thread was the impetus for me finally changing mine.
  • TamAD48
    TamAD48 Posts: 387
    Just changed mine to a pic I took whilst in Singapore last year!

    Great pic of the white tigers!! beautiful animals
  • bluex232
    bluex232 Posts: 140 Member
    My fam on Halloween (Hubby has a monster mask, but its not on in the pic, I am Jessica from True Blood, my son is Mickey and my daughter is Minnie!) The loves of my life!! 8-)
  • EvgeniZyntx
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    Ok, currently sporting the Colorado Trail - a multi day bikepacking trip to plan. This is a friend's shot that I like. I'll just as easy update it to ice trekking, biking or other outdoor stuff.
  • It's my husband and I's nicknames.
  • zombiesama
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    Mine is a pic of a Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts :)
  • NoWeighJose74
    NoWeighJose74 Posts: 581 Member
    Mine is my 6ft long 125 gallon freshwater discus aquarium with live plants. It sits in my living room and is my piece of tranquility after a stressful day.

    There's a larger pic in my profile. :smile:
  • KravMark
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    Me at the range! This is about me making my new weight my Target and Im going to hit it by Christmas :)
  • RzRzRzR
    RzRzRzR Posts: 72 Member
    View from the hot tub.
  • One of my favourite moments from The Dark Knight Rises.
  • F__7
    F__7 Posts: 372
    Mine is the only one ever possible in this world of its kind... that's as unique as it can be..
  • natesangel
    natesangel Posts: 210 Member
    my favourite place, esquimalt lagoon at sunset, i took this pic just before i moved away!
  • talrcat
    talrcat Posts: 97 Member
    It reminds me... YES I CAN!

    Awesome!!! I love that quote!

    Mine is my Tim-Tim, the most awesome cat I know!
  • spicypepper
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    Mine is Snow Patrol :heart:
  • RockaholicMama
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    I'm an author. My first published series is a special breed of vampires. Hence the vampy fangs.
  • TaylorsGranddad
    TaylorsGranddad Posts: 453 Member
    They Live

    Also has one of the best lines in any film too