What are some of you non-weight goals?



  • yoovie
    yoovie Posts: 17,121 Member
    1. shoot and direct a solo on-location photo shoot.
    2. hike down to the grand canyon and camp on the colorado river
    3. zipline in the amazon
    4. drill under the aurora borealis
    5. hike along more of the Appalachian Trail
    6. scale a hotel in las vegas
    7. skydive in Ireland and kiss the Blarney Stone
    8. go walkabout in the Outback
    9. take a boat out in the mediterranean and run around the greek isles
    10. run the original marathon route in Greece
    11. dance on a balcony on a hot summer night in Madrid in a red dress that flares out when I twirl
    12. hiking in the Andes
    13. Carnivale in Rio
    14. wreck diving in the Carribbean
    15. underwater photography at the Great Barrier Reef and the bioluminescent coral and seaweed tides
    16. hang glide in the Rocky Mountains
    17. Drive Route 66 again
    18. Spend a day shopping and reading and eating tiny foods and drinking coffee in paris, but not until I can speak French again.
    19. take pictures of the pyramids in Egypt
    20. Go on an actual photo safari in Africa and get all the big 5

    ok im stopping at 20
  • MissFit0101
    MissFit0101 Posts: 2,382
    To run a boston qualifying time at my next marathon in March.
  • juicemoogan
    juicemoogan Posts: 999 Member
    Do pushups with proper form
    do a pull up.
  • ohmariposa
    ohmariposa Posts: 372 Member
    size 10 jeans..that is all I want :smile:
  • Crochetluvr
    Crochetluvr Posts: 3,143 Member
    To be able to fit into a seat at the baseball park without my thunder thighs spilling over the edge and touching the guy next to me. :S
  • PurpleCoyote
    PurpleCoyote Posts: 24 Member
    Er, quite a few really! I want to swim half a mile in the Great North Swim, then a mile in the same race a year later, and then maybe a triathlon in a few years. I want to just feel good and get some fitness back - I'd be happy to be a bit less wobbly but I'm determined not to know how much weight I'm losing as I get a bit obsessed with numbers.
    I'm in it for the experiences and being able to live well for longer - oh and cook what I like without worrying about putting too much weight on :)
  • jtjunkie
    jtjunkie Posts: 59 Member
    Single digit pants size and to do the 5K at my daughters school this year.
  • Zylahe
    Zylahe Posts: 772 Member
    35% BF
    run a 5k in 30 mins
    10 pull ups
    climb a 7A
    be light enough that hubby can pick me up
  • Zylahe
    Zylahe Posts: 772 Member
    1. shoot and direct a solo on-location photo shoot.

    What happens if you have artistic differences with the director??

  • linochka1969
    linochka1969 Posts: 136 Member
    SIZE 6 or even 4 :-)
  • cmpollard01
    1. To RUN the VA Kidney Games 5k next year, and run the Monument Ave 10k the following spring
    2. Not have to shop in the chubby girl stores/sections for ANYTHING
    3. To leg press more weight than my boyfriend (who used to play football)
    4. To continue my new, healthier habits FOR LIFE
    5. Be able to wear skinny jeans!
  • TaylorsGranddad
    TaylorsGranddad Posts: 453 Member
    To be happy with myself and my life
  • terrappyn
    terrappyn Posts: 324 Member
    I'd like to be able to buy from a store and not justs online (Damn you Old Navy, why must you hide the sizes from the people who need to try them on the most) and to be able to run a 5K with the guys from work!
  • mommyred35
    mommyred35 Posts: 275 Member
    One hand pushups and solid pull ups. I have never been able to eleven one pull up
  • MSeel1984
    MSeel1984 Posts: 2,297 Member
    Better A1c result (Average blood glucose level over 3 month period)

    To become a Diabetes Educator (you said non weight, right :) )

    To wear skinny jeans...and look amazing in them.
  • misty5976
    misty5976 Posts: 45 Member
    Size 10 jeans. I have a shelf in my closet full of them. I am squeezing into uncomfortable size 14s right now - and i refuse to buy anymore clothes. Im not buying clothes at this size. i am going to alter MY SIZE to fit back into MY CLOTHES instead of altering my clothing size to fit me. :)

    I want to be able to wear a hot short skirt - and thigh high slutty boots .... and feel AMAZING in them.

    I want to be able to run up these 2 flights of stairs at work w/o being winded and panting. No scratch that - i want to be able to run up all FOUR flights of stairs w/o panting. :)

    I just want to be healthier, more active with my son/family ... and feel good about myself on the inside and the outside!
  • creech6317
    creech6317 Posts: 869 Member
    1. Run in a Mud Run.
    2. Wear a size 4.
    3. Skydive
    4. Have my BMI in the healthy range, I am now almost to the overweight range, I have never been under that, I think it would be amazing.
  • Lyerin
    Lyerin Posts: 818 Member
    1. To be at the point where I can shop in non fat people stores and just grab stuff off the rack to try on without having to worry about a larger size.
    2. To run again. Like really run. I want that two-miles-in-and-my-body-is-a-machine feeling again.
    3. To punch pushups in the f*****g face. I am going to be able to do those stupid things if it kills me.
    4. To have muscular arms.
  • onewarmmomma
    onewarmmomma Posts: 222 Member
    What are some other types of goals you have set for yourself?

    Well, considering my "fat pants" don't button anymore, my first Non Weight goal is to be comfortable in those pants! How bad is that?? "I want to fit into my fat pants!" :grumble:
  • Helenasnan
    Helenasnan Posts: 30 Member
    to get healthy! and to live to see my granddaughter grow up! best reasons ever! :bigsmile:
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