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Bikram. Whole new world of pain?

So I recently was given the opportunity to take part in a 12-session three week Bikram course, having never done Bikram before (yoga, 1.5 hour sessions, room heated to 40 degrees (104F)).

I've done standard (Vinyasa) yoga before, and would describe myself as fairly good at it in a beginner to middling level. But I am low blood pressured, and I'm worried about what exercising in such an overheated environment will do.

Have any low blood pressured types done this before? Any other experiences with Bikram I should know about?


  • PurpleCoyote
    PurpleCoyote Posts: 24 Member
    Drink lots of water (more than normal) before you go in! It's hard work, Bikram, but it really is good for you. I don't think I'm low or high blood pressured but it does affect everyone differently - I get dizzy in the standing postures. The thing about Bikram yoga is it is a silent active meditation, if you have to sit down from time to time, then do it. It does get easier :)

    I've been doing Bikram for 6 months and now moved to Vinyasa yoga, that's pretty difficult too :)