What are some of you non-weight goals?



  • PurpleCoyote
    PurpleCoyote Posts: 24 Member
    To complete an Iron Girl triathlon next year! From someone that doesn't swim. Hasn't been in a bike in years. And recently took up running.

    Good for you!!! Now that's determination :)
  • futurestarz
    to feel confident in my wedding dress next June. I know a lot of pictures will be taken that day, and right now I HATE getting my picture taken. I want to feel comfortable and beautiful on my wedding day.
  • cbbarge
    cbbarge Posts: 250 Member
    To be fitter at 50 than I was at 30!
  • PaveGurl
    PaveGurl Posts: 244 Member
    I have a bunch! *laugh*

    I want to be able to do a full-out pull up, unassisted. I want to be able to do 50 standard pushups without collapsing. I want to finish the Spartan Race (the wee one) in the Spring (and then a Tough Mudder - 10 miles - the next year, and a Beast - 12 miles - the year after that). I want to deadlift and bench at least my bodyweight -- and then double it! Each of these has progressive goals that follow 'em too, so I'm always moving forward :">
  • wahwuh
    wahwuh Posts: 16 Member
    1. Run a marathon in October.
    2. 5 min plank
    3. 5 min wall squat
    4. 10 consecutive pullups
    5. I'm a female and not planning on joining the Marines, but I want to beat the male requirements for my age group for the Physical Fitness Test.
  • Sherylmarlee
    Sherylmarlee Posts: 224 Member
    To complete the Tough Mudder next year and have it remember my name!!!!!!
  • greenbox06
    greenbox06 Posts: 101 Member
    I am sorry but not to crush anyone's goals but BMI is an 100+ year old measurement that shouldn't be used anymore. You should strive for BF %'s

    When I was in the Army I weighed 205lbs but had 15-17% BF At 5'7" 205lbs would put my BMI at 32.1 which is good enough for obesity. But obviously I was not obese by any means.
  • arielian
    arielian Posts: 200
    To be in a healthy BMI range
    To be able to do a pushup!
  • arbrewst
    arbrewst Posts: 18
    I am in video production school and I would like to make an entry to a film festival.
  • AnisaMG
    AnisaMG Posts: 154 Member
    A BF% of less than 20
    Run 5k in under 30 mins

    Once I reach these I will find something more intense to go for.
  • mandamommy3
    mandamommy3 Posts: 297 Member
    Wear a size 10, run for more than 5 mins straight ( I suck at running, lol), be able to swim in the ocean without getting tired within 10 mins, and just plain feel good about myself again.
  • reyna99
    reyna99 Posts: 489 Member
  • Celestialfairie
    I just want to be the person that I remember being, before all the stress and drama of family and most importantly my divorce. It took me a while to find that person emotionally, now I want to go for the physical aspect of it.
  • tpittsley77
    tpittsley77 Posts: 607 Member
    Thanks! Its a goal I will achieve!
  • paralegalnc
    paralegalnc Posts: 43 Member
    First of all... I DONT want to be diabetic.

    I want to buy a bra in the Victoria Secret STORE and not just online because my size (40DD) doesn't fit their "image". I can buy them... just online...

    I want to buy a bathing suit without a skirt because thats the only thing in my size... or that looks like something my grandmother would wear.

    I want to ride a donkey into the grand canyon (weight limit)

    and something personal.... I'll be honest...cuz I'm sure I'm not the only one.... I want to look in the mirror while having sex and not cry and get turned off.
  • StormyGal8
    StormyGal8 Posts: 184 Member
    to FEEL sexy and confident and healthy!
  • skinnygurl02
    skinnygurl02 Posts: 176 Member
    To be able to wear a size 10 again...almost there:)
  • olong
    olong Posts: 255 Member
    to not look my age! (I'm 44)
    to keep up with my kids (13, 11, 9) and even have MORE energy than them
    to completely come off of cholesteol & blood pressure meds (have halved my dosage of both in last 6 months)
  • pippaw21
    pippaw21 Posts: 22 Member
    the general goal is to help my body be capable of all the awesome things it can do. that's been my epiphany and, although it wasn't the initial reason for changing my lifestyle, it's pretty much my central motivation right now (esp with the olympics!). seeing my fitness improve, being able to do cardio for longer, at higher speed, covering more distance, and then upping the time goals on the elliptical (my most loathed gym apparatus before) because i find myself really wanting to do more - i love seeing my body's capabilities stretch. wayyy more than any number on a scale or percentages.

    i love cycling and always have done; as a kid it was about the feeling of being on a bike, but now i'm picking it up again as an adult i'm getting interested in improving my speed and endurance. i want to improve my sprint cycling and develop more consistency. i want my cadence to be more consistently high. i want to eventually feel confident enough to apply for a decent cycling club.

    i want to be able to run. this would be huge, as i injured my ankle pretty badly last april (torn ligaments, nerve damage) and it's still only about 90% healed. it's huge for me partly because of the ankle injury; i want to be able to have fully overcome it and know it's not holding me back anymore, but also because i have never been a runner. always came last in races and time trials. i have a pretty vivid memory from secondary school when we did circuits of the park; we all had to do two laps, and there were two options - a long route and a short route. i did two long laps and finished 10 mins after everyone else. as i crossed the line, all my classmates & the teacher applauded me. i think they thought it was a nice thing to do, recognising that i'd put in effort and hadn't taken the easy route, but in a way it was kind of patronising to my obese teenage self with zero confidence to have all this attention on me for something everyone else could do so easily. getting my body into running and mentally enjoying running would be pretty symbolic for me.

    i'd like to do a duathlon. i was shooting for a triathlon but i'm a really weak swimmer and i figure i've got enough work to do if i'm to be able to run, so a duathlon is the goal for now. similarly, i'd like to be able to sign up for & complete some cycling races.

    a more immediate goal is that i think i'd like to take up rowing in september. it'll be my final year of uni and i never got involved with sports societies in previous years, so i think it'd be fun to join the boat club and start rowing as a beginner.
  • vegamy
    vegamy Posts: 204 Member
    I want to get down to 20% body fat (22% now), do unassisted pull-ups (can do 10 with 50lb assist now), and run a marathon (ran my first half in June, want to start training for a full)!!!
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