Any 'mature' ladies joined a gym?

Hi, I'm a 50yr old female. Started out with 7 stone to lose and almost to the 4 stone lost mark (lost a stone before joining MFP). At the moment I do a lot of walking and that's it. I'm asthmatic, although it's definitely improved and I also have an umbilical hernia ~ waiting for the op. My main concern is my skin isn't as elastic as it used to be and I'm certainly not looking toned... I guess thats because I haven't put in the right sort of work yet! I'm just a bit (or a lot) wobbly :( Would gymwork help? What about yoga or something? Just worried about everything falling down around my ankles and whether or not the gym would help that. I could swim but I'm thinking that wouldn't help my tone/strength. Any ideas?


  • sandhillsmom
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    I'm 54 and joined a gym 4 weeks ago. I'm not the only one our age there either. I go 4-5 times a week with 2 of my neighbors. One of the trainers at my gym is 65 + and looks fantastic. It helps, it works, it feels good going.
  • DryHeet
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    Congratulations on your wonderful progress so far!
    I'm 55 and I go to my gym several times a week.
    I know what you mean about skin elasticity but building
    muscle strength has so many benefits.

    Swimming is good cardio and kind to the joints.
    I've been doing Pilate's and I can feel the improvement in my core.
    Mainly if you can find an activity that you like you will have a better
    chance of continuing the activity. Having some friends at the gym
    also helps. I know several ladies at the Spin class I go to that are also
    trying to lose weight and we share experiences ... so they help motivate me
    to go to class!

    If you are not familiar with weights please get trainer to help you - lifting
    form is very important.
  • Thanks for the replies ladies. Funnily enough, a more mature lady just posted her success story on here and it's inspired me no end! If she can look toned and fit in her 60's then I sure can too.... I just need to put in the work. Maybe I'll do swimming and an exercise regime on DVD at home first though :)