What is your HONEST reason for losing weight??????



  • Jayne5977
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    My husband & I were 8th grade sweethearts but fell out of touch for 32 years. 6-1/2 years ago we reunited and married 4 years ago. When we got back in touch I was my ideal weight/size but that same year many terrible things happened in my life and I've filled myself with food to feel "full & complete", but all it did was make me feel miserable and cause me to gain 65 lbs! I know my husband loves me unconditionally, but I'd like to loose weight so that he can hold that slim, shapely, sexy, happy and confident woman again.
  • contingencyplan
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    i want to be able to move better, be stronger, be faster, be more agile, be a better motorcycle rider.
  • Ray50296
    Ray50296 Posts: 58 Member
    My honest reason for losing weight is to feel better. My arthritis doesn't like carrying around 60 extra lbs.... And I want to live longer..:bigsmile:
  • Laddiegirl
    Laddiegirl Posts: 382 Member
    So many honest reasons, some vain, some regarding health.

    The Vain Reasons:
    I'm tired of being fat, insecure and feeling uncomfortable in my own skin.
    I'm tired of hating clothes shopping and want to feel comfortable in the summer in a swimsuit or on the beach.
    I want to LOVE shopping for a new dress or jeans!
    My sister is about 60lbs heavier than I was when I started and had such a hard time finding a wedding dress that she loved, fit well and she felt comfortable in. She finally found a beautiful dress, but really took some joy out of the experience for her and I don't want to have that happen when I get married.
    I want to feel comfortable having sex in the morning or with the lights on! I know my BF would enjoy that, lol!

    For Health Reasons:
    My mom died from lifelong Type I Diabetes (since age 4, she passed at age 41) and my sister was diagnosed 2 years ago with Type II. I'm terrified of continuing that "family tradition".
    High blood pressure runs in my family and recently mine was borderline too high. I want to stop that right now.
    I have a permanent knee injury with chronic pain and I'm hoping the weight loss with lessen stress on my knee and help reduce the pain I have!
  • Laddiegirl
    Laddiegirl Posts: 382 Member
    Because I want to shop at Ann Taylor instead of Lane Bryant.

    YES!!! (love this)

    I love this too!
  • 00Melyanna00
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    First of all, my heart rate is too high and slightly irregular. I get worse when I am not active and I weigh more. I don't want to have a stroke or something so I need to get fit.
    Also, I have been fit before and I know how it feels compared to being the couch potato I am (well, I was 20 days ago, before starting here). I prefer fit than uncomfortable.
    Then it's because I need to boost my self esteem and be OK in my own skin. I know that this can happen at every weight, shape and size, but my mind alone isn't strong enough to get to that level, I need my body to be in a good shape.
    Third, I am scared of feeling old!
  • helenmc40
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    I want to feel happy and sexy again.....
    Want to like what I see in the mirror....
    Want to be a role model for my daughter...
    Want to wear a little black dress and 4" heels and ROCK IT
  • fitnfancy80
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  • amirakarajicc
    to look skinny
  • Sunscreenandsweat
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    To be sexy honestly, I want to be in a relationship where the guy I'm with can show me off and every other guy in the room is jealous.
  • jadedzen
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    because i'm too poor to buy new clothes for a body i didn't really like anyway.
  • fitnfancy80
    fitnfancy80 Posts: 251 Member

    To be able to say "In your face F**kers" to everyone that never gave me a chance because of my weight! It's my time to stand up and be heard!

    LOVE IT!!!!
  • bigdal77
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    tbh i just want to find a loving woman and have a family and not be alone anymore and having the confidence to achieve this i might of already meet the woman :laugh:
  • Tat2dDom624
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    I want to feel healthy at my age..........period. I'm 43, and most of the people i know that are my age or older, just don't take care of themselves, and have health issues as a result. Not saying i'm Mr. Olympia, but i'm very conscious of my health, and want to be around for my kids.
  • GiGiBeans
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    Anger and shame. Last doctor visit, first words of his mouth when he picked up my chart were "You need to lose weight are you even exercising?" He hadn't even said hello. I told him not so much I have no energy. He told me do it anyway in tone of complete disgust. I was shocked, angry and hurt by the whole experience.
  • bluzenith
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    Overly honest coming right at yah:
    - I want to be sexy.. In highschool, I felt sexy.. college not so much..
    - I want to wow myself when I look in the mirror
    - I want to get my mother off my back.. She has been on it all my life about my weight
    - SEX: sex was way better at a smaller size.. WAY WAY WAY WAY better..
    - I miss being a gymnast and cheerleader. (More so miss feeling how I did then) ... I was overly flexible.. splits.. jumps.. everything.. I can still do splits at this size, but it isn't the same.
  • bulbadoof
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    Health, honestly. I always wanted to lose weight for looks, but I never actually did it until I was afraid I might die.
  • sdai3
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    Too look gooooood. I wanna be the epitome of health.
    And I just want to be in a bikini already.
  • mbk830
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    #1 - I want to be healthy for a very long time.
    #2 - I want there to be an actual chance of someone loving me. Stupid, I know.
  • LemonBurns
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    I wanna be a MILF. 'Nuff Said.