Sloppy mommy to fit mommy (with pics)!



  • You are beautiful!!! Great dedication, awesome job!!!!
  • goldielocs
    goldielocs Posts: 5 Member
    That's awesome
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    Nice to see a Maine mommy doing well!! (I'm from Maine!) GOOOOO SEA DOGS! :)

    You look faboosh!
  • Maris165
    Maris165 Posts: 175 Member
    Conrats!!! You look amazing!
  • pharmmom64
    pharmmom64 Posts: 12 Member
    Great job!!! You look so happy!
  • MsHolly731
    MsHolly731 Posts: 54 Member
    Damnnnnn! Awesome achievement :happy: Great job!
  • Eve23
    Eve23 Posts: 2,352 Member
    Well done
  • casnic25
    casnic25 Posts: 81
    Awesome! Your one fit mommy!
  • newmrsdec10
    newmrsdec10 Posts: 361 Member
    Awesome job. You look fantastic! Thanks for sharing and congrats.
  • mistymamas
    mistymamas Posts: 36 Member
    you mean "hot mommy"!!! Dang woman, amazing!!!!!!
  • michspor
    michspor Posts: 57
    You look wonderful!!! you did a great job! isn't it crazy how different a person looks after they drop the weight!
  • o2bADyer
    o2bADyer Posts: 208
    Thanks for sharing and congrats!! :bigsmile:
  • Determined24
    Determined24 Posts: 137 Member
    37 years old
    5 feet 0

    SW: 161.3 lbs (Sept. 2011)
    CW: 118.3 lbs

    43 lbs GONE!

    In September 2011, I was at an all-time low about myself! I was the heaviest I had ever been and was classified as obese. I hated clothes shopping and going out was a chore because it took me forever to find something to wear! I dreaded the summer because I couldn't hide behind my big sweaters! I had no energy and thought about food all the time!

    I decided to join to log my food that month and the pounds started to come off! I walked 1-3 times per week for the first 4 months. Then in January 2012, I joined the gym and added jogging, step classes, weight training... a little of everything! More of the weight came off! It took me about 8 months to lose 40 lbs which is about 5 lbs per month... not terribly fast but healthy :)

    I feel like the old me again! I weigh the same as when I met my husband! I feel more confident being intimate and I love to shop for clothes! I enjoy hiking and biking with my family! Life is good!





    Ok......Lets just say you look totally amazing..... Great accomplishment!!!
  • nicew0
    nicew0 Posts: 38 Member
    You look so happy! Congratulations!
  • dixiewhiskey
    dixiewhiskey Posts: 3,333 Member
    Incredible work, determination and transformation!! Love this! Way to go!
  • prlow
    prlow Posts: 11 Member
    what a motivation, you look great!
  • Sags301
    Sags301 Posts: 12 Member
    AMAZING!!!! You look great!
  • DetroitDarin
    DetroitDarin Posts: 955 Member
    absolutely smokin' hot - AND inspirational!! I dont even know you and I'm proud of you :)
  • so amazing! You look fantastic!:happy: Now if only I could look like that...
  • HappilyLifts
    HappilyLifts Posts: 429 Member
    You look amazing. Born to be seen in those jeans, they fit like a glove! Well done!
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