HELP water retention

Hello need some help I've got too much water in my legs got any advice on how or what you did to get rid of it I don't wanna get older and have kankles sadly I sit on my *kitten* all day being a bus driver been getting on the bike when I can slow progress cheers for the help too :smile:


  • hofdog
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    1 Eat fewer carbs and add potassium-rich foods to your diet. Both carbohydrates and potassium affect the way your body balances water. Water binds to carbs, and lack of potassium in your diet reduces the amount of water your body flushes naturally. Reduce your carb intake and increase your intake of potassium-rich foods such as bananas.
    2 Consume low-sodium foods. Sodium (usually eaten as salt) is a dietary factor that affects water weight in the legs and thighs. Eat fewer than 2,400mg of sodium a day to stop dehydration and fluid retention. Read food labels before purchasing and reduce your intake of processed foods.
    3 Drink plenty of fluids. Dehydration results in water weight because your body goes into survival mode and starts storing fluids, as opposed to flushing fluids. Increase your water intake, and drink at least eight glasses or 64 oz. a day.
    4 Fight water weight with exercise. Being active and engaging in regular workouts prompts perspiration and the release of extra water. In turn, your body loses fluids in the legs. Aim for 90 minutes (at least) of physical activity a week.
    5 Find an alternative drug. Medications are common water weight triggers---such as birth control pills and corticosteroids. Ask your doctor to taper your dosage, which may combat or reduce fluid retention in the legs; or inquire about alternative/natural treatments.
    6 Take a diuretic. Over-the-counter and prescription diuretics stimulate the kidneys and help the body release stored water. Experiment with a diuretic, and take the medication as directed.

    for a diuretic dandelion root is good.
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    Drink more water... I know that sounds funny but it really helps
    watch your sodium
    when you can, work your calf muscles ( rock back and forth on your toes like you want to look over something )
    put your legs up in a recliner
    run cold and then warm water over your legs, that stimulates your circulation
    there are some teas that will also help with that, if all fails talk to your doctor
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    First, the diet stuff is important, but I would ask your doctor about compression socks, they are getting amazing results for folks, especially truck, bus, etc drivers that are using their legs but not getting up and moving around enough.
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    hey, i think you should check in with your doctor first, but walking more often, keeping your legs elevated, and wearing compression stockings may help... But definitely check in with your doctor first.
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    definitely check with your doctor as you culd have high blood pressure.

    but in general watch your sodium and start exercising
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    As above: see your doctor, drink more water, watch the salt....

    BUT, as a short-term (very short) solution, you can soak in epsom salts in a bath and it does draw water out. But it's more of a patch, not a fix, and you will be THIRSTY afterwards. But if you've got an event the next day, epsom salt baths are awesome.
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    Sweat it out !!!
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    Hey everybody thanks I'll take the advice an work on it I'm not a big salt fan no probs there I been to the docs but they reckon what I would take would cause damage to my kidneys but yes exercise is the key cheers for that I'm gona take a bath now b good :smile: :smile: :smile: Chow for now