Low Fat Bananna Cake

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Got any too ripe banannas that need using this recepie is perfect

Low fat banana cake

150g plain flour
70g self raising flour
130g caster sugar (or normal )
4teaspoons of Splenda or similar sweetener
1 1/2 tea spoons of baking powder
2 medium eggs
140g Olive speed (light) melted or similar margarine suitable for cooking.
2bananas chopped/mashed

Pre heat your oven to gas mark2-3 or 160-170 degrees

Sieve the flour, sugar, sweetener &baking powder in to a large mixing bowl. Add chopped bananas and mix well

Then melt the olive spread in a separate container- I usually do this on the defrost setting on the microwave then allow to slightly cool

Create a well hole in the middle of the cake mixture in the mixing bowl and pour in your 2 eggs and melted olive spread & continue to mix well until has a good consistency.

Grease a loaf Tin or cake tin (I always use a loose bottom one) with light olive spread.

Pour in the cake mixture and sprinkle on a little sugar on top.

Then place on the middle shelf of the oven and cook for approx 1hour dependant on tin used and efficiency of the oven.

Use a knife to do the skewer test to ensure the cake is cooked though.

Remove from oven and allow to g
Cool t
For 10-15mins before removing from tin.

Place on serving plate and sprinkle a pinch of sugar hon top.

Optional things to add before baking 1teaspoon of mixed spice.

40g of chopped almonds or walnuts.

40g raisins

Mixture can also be poured in to muffin cases to make yummy muffins ideal to have on a plate or in a basket if you have guests.