Bionic woman

:happy: 44..single mom. Holding my own..lost 65 over last two years...but have a lot of metal to contend with during neck and lower back. WON'T stop me from getting back to the personal trainer I was!!


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    You sound like an inspiration to a lot of people! Welcome!
  • :bigsmile: THANKS!! I was a personal trainer for 10 years before my back just couldn't take anymore and I had my two major fusions in 2010. I know all the right things to do and would LOVE to help people on is my passion. But unfortunately had to file disability :sad: ...But it's not gonna beat will just inspire me to teach a new group of people with similar issues. Thanks for the welcome!!
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    wow thats a huge inspiration to me, keep soldiering on! Your spirit will carry you through anything :)
  • THANKS!! I look at my "disability" as a challenge...a gift, if you help others who may have similar problems and with my background in training, I may be able to help. If nothing else, empathize with them.
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    an old sayin in chinese goes something like "a challenge might be a gift in disguise, a blessing might be a pitfall in the dark", great positive thinking! How do you manage with the discomfort in your neck? that is a huge hair raiser for me.
  • LOL....the quote is beautiful...thank you for sharing!! My most recent surgery was just May 29th of this year. So my main discomfort was BEFORE the fusion. I AM still in the healing phase of the surgery and after a day of taking care of two teenage boys and housework and/or lawn work...I do have serious discomfort in my neck and back. BUT, I know my limitations. Well....I think I really do too much sometimes and push myself simply because I want things done a certain way....but the main reason is, I am 44 years young. I HATE the term disabled. If I had my choice, I would be working and training today. But my back literally looks like the back of a 95 year old woman. So I can't work. So the alternative for me is to try everything I can...within reason. Nothing that would hurt me. And I have to listen to my body. If I exercise for two days, the third may have me flat on my back. So i rest. It's all about not giving up...and listening to your body. It will tell you a lot, the key is to listen. :)
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    wow bionic woman is right keep it up!!
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    love it.
  • Thanks kgprice :) good luck in your journey as well!
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    Friend request incoming. You are definitely an inspiration for sure. Actually have an MFP friend on here that has just underwent a similar fusion and is recovering from the surgery. I'm also Bionic, but comes in the forms of my knees and the braces I wear. Still manage to push myself quite a bit so can certainly relate.
  • WOW...bionic knees and go boy!!! I a certainly not saying it's easy...but I just have to look at my life and the cards I have been dealt is what it is. I can give up, sit on the couch and throw a pity party or I can suck it up move on and make the best of life. I choose the latter. Thanks for the friend request...will be nice to have someone who can relate. :flowerforyou:
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    Great attitude!!! Welcome to the club. I have a Titanium elbow, it took me several years before i could throw a baseball with my son. During that time, I also gained a lot of weight. I am now dropping the weight while taking both boxing and martial arts classes loving every minute of them.
  • YAY!!!! Way to go!!! I love hearing all these stories!!! Keep up the great work!
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    Heya Bionic Woman!

    I was referred here by vb4evr, who told me a little bit about you. I had my first cervical fusion in 2007 and just had my second cervical fusion this past July 20. There were complications during the surgery that kept me in the ICU for the first 3 days of my 2-week hospital stay. Upon waking, I could not feel my left leg, much less move it. It's quite the scare when trying to force your toes to wiggle and getting no response.
    Fortunately, I'm at home now and am slowly, but surely, regaining feeling and strength.
    Unfortunately, I was told by my neurosurgeon that I am to never lift weights again.... or ride roller coasters... or ride a lawn tractor.... no overhead work (like trimming branches or hanging Christmas lights)... no lifting more than 20 lbs... no push-ups or sit-ups. Evidently, I have spinal stenosis, so I have always been predisposed to back injuries. I can look forward to a fusion every five years or so.
    Anyway, unbeknownst to me, I had let all this information drag me down a bit. I didn't even realize I was depressed. To be honest, I'm more than a little embarrassed about it, especially since I am expected to make a near-full recovery when there are so many others who have it much worse off than me. I'd like to be able to help others overcome their obstacles, but I need to be able to overcome my own as well. I don't know what I could possibly offer that would help you, but you never know. Your spirit and will seem indomitable. Maybe I can take some of your attitude and pass it on to others.

    In any case, Friend Request sent.