Is it Possible???

Is it possible for a person to lose 25 pounds in 12 weeks???


  • MissAnjy
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    Depends on the person. If you have a significant amount of weight to lose (100-200+) it'll be easier to take off in the beginning.
    If you only have 25lbs to lose......then no, it's not exactly healthy or reasonable to think that you could lose that amount in such a short time.
  • jazzedorange
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    yes.... anything is possible :)
  • m60kaf
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    No - never been done - it wont happen
  • znm100
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    absolutely... i lost 20 lbs my first 4 weeks
  • Pedal_Pusher
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  • Angie_Fritts
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    2 lbs a week is doable. But you have to stay on program. Working out and eating right.
  • sherry9300
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    Maybe...but you'll probably regain it pretty quickly.
  • As of this morning, I am down 25 lbs since July 9, 2012, so yes it is possible in 5 weeks.
  • ElizabethRoad
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    I guess anything's possible, but your profile says you only need to lose 26 pounds, so I would aim for 1 pound a week if I were you.
  • faythe
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    I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks on a very restrictive diet, although I am significantly overweight so it is quote-unquote "easier" for me to lose weight. If 25 pounds will put your at your goal weight I would not assume that you will be able to lose it that quickly, otherwise you set yourself up for disappointment.
  • The gentlemen who said "yes" both appear to have much more to lose than you do. Men and those of either gender who are significantly overweight do lose more faster, especially at the beginning of their journey.

    With conditions like pre-diabetes, you need to lose weight, but you also need to do it smartly and safely. You are about to make a life-long change. Your goal should not be to fit into a certain size in three months, but rather, to find a way of eating and exercising that will be something you can stick with in the long run. For the rest of your life.

    You will probably lose the most in the first two weeks. I don't want to discourage you, by ANY means, but there will probably be weeks when you don't lose anything, and maybe even when you gain weight. That is normal, especially when you get close to your goal weight.

    That "plateau" can be frustrating. One way to keep yourself motivated is to take your measurements right at the start. If you are losing inches, you are making progress, even if the scale isn't reflecting that loss. I maybe get carried away, but I measure my neck, chest, bust, waist, belly, hips, right thigh, right leg above the knee, right leg below my knee, right calf, ankle, right bicep, wrist ... It's great when those numbers go down!

    Read up on low-glycemic diets ... best for maintaining your glucose levels. But don't think of it as a "diet" ... think of it as a nutritional program, or something more positive!

    With pre-diabetes, you want to try to eat as "clean" as you can. Try to avoid prepared foods, the chemicals in them are terrible for anyone, but especially us pre-diabetics. Avoid white food: No white flour, sugar, salt, white rice, potatoes. Instead eat whole grains, a little fruit for sweet, herbs and spices for flavoring, brown rice, sweet potatoes. (Sweet potatoes are actually much better on your blood sugar levels than regular potatoes. They are fantastic when baked in a microwave, sliced, and sprinkled with cinnamon!)

    I wish you great success!
  • bradphil87
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    If you don't mind me asking, why the time constraint? Why not just say "I want to lose 25 lbs" and not put the time stipulation on it. I used to do it too, but I'm getting away from it. To answer your original question, yes it is very possible, just remember that if you step on the scale in 12 weeks and see 18 or 20 lbs lost be happy about your loss and not upset that you didn't get 25
  • holeshottdr
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    It really depends on the person, what their start weight and bf% is. I guess the answer is yes but sometimes no. The leaner a person gets, the slower the weight comes off.
  • inufan4evar
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    Well i weight 170 and i am 5'3 and i want to try to hit my mini goal of 145 by november and a normal healthy weight for my size i want ot be at is at least 120 so yeah im just hoping that i can do it, thank you everyone!!!
  • sherry9300
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    I lost about 20 pounds in 12 weeks at the beginning of the year eating at 1200 cals a day and exercising. It was sort of a biggest loser contest at work. After that I upped my cals and lost the rest of my weight over the next two months eating at about 1400 cals a day and eating back all my exercise calories. I finally dropped my goal weight from 130 down to 125 and have been hovering there for awhile. By the way, I'm 5'2". My advice is to take it slow.
  • waldo56
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    Sure, if you have a lot of weight to lose.

    If you don't, no way.

    Dropping from 300 to 275 in 12 weeks is no big thing. Dropping from 150 to 125 in 12 weeks is a pipe dream (assuming you're not <5').

    My first 40 lbs took 3 months. My next 25 lbs took another 3 months. My last 10 lbs also took 3 months.