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Censorship on MyFitnessPal Forums

blondie0942blondie0942 Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member

I want to know everyone's opinion on this. Who supports censorship of the forums on MFP, and why? And who does not, and your reasons why as well.
Personally, I do not support this censorship... We are all adults who have our own opinions, and this is a melting pot for all age groups, stereotypes, cultures, and countries. We, as adults, should be able to accept that and not pay special attention to threads that we know will offend us. However, I'm open to feedback from everyone (hate-free please, let's be mature) and challenge you to show me your point of view.


  • 4aFitTina4aFitTina Member Posts: 88 Member Posts: 88
    I am against the censorship as well. For basically the same reasons as you. We are adults, if you are here to lose weight/get in shape and that's it, then don't go to the CHIT-CHAT section. Stay in the forums that relate to your reasons for being here.
  • Stephanie_AutryStephanie_Autry Member Posts: 229 Member Posts: 229
    Couldn't agree more. :smile:
  • drmercdrmerc Member Posts: 2,793 Member Member Posts: 2,793 Member
    In before the lock
  • cmriversidecmriverside Member Posts: 30,733 Member Member Posts: 30,733 Member
    The site is a privately owned business and when you enter someone's place of business, they have a right to escort you out when you take off your clothes, or whatever thing you do that they don't like.

    Especially if you aren't going to be buying anything.
  • tmauck4472tmauck4472 Member Posts: 1,783 Member Member Posts: 1,783 Member
    While I am against it, you do have idiots running around out there that get pretty nasty when you disagree with them and then the name calling starts and it gets out of control and ugly really fast...if they were in a room together there would be fists and bullets flying I'm sure. If some people could control their out of control selves it wouldn't really be needed. No one deserves to be called names just because they disagree with something. We are all adults here just some don't know how an adult is supposed to act.
  • liss125liss125 Member Posts: 77 Member Posts: 77
    I do get a little annoyed when a heated topic gets removed, just because I enjoy reading the comments. I don't lose any sleep over it, though.
  • UncleMacUncleMac Member Posts: 9,960 Member Member Posts: 9,960 Member
    I'm an admin on another completely unrelated forum so I can provide a bit of perspective from the other side, so to speak. On the forums I moderate, I try to leave things run but sometimes it is prudent, even necessary, to take action, whether locking threads, modifying, removing, even banning users as necessary.

    The first amendment means the government isn't allowed to interfere with freedom of speech of citizens. The MFP isn't the government... and they aren't required to provide a free podium for anyone.

    This is a private website and the MFP are not required to allow you access. If they choose to do so, you are subject their rules of conduct. If you feel constricted by that, perhaps you should start your own website?
  • WestCoastPhoenixWestCoastPhoenix Member Posts: 814 Member Member Posts: 814 Member
    It is a private site as has been said. They can do as they please...if you dislike it, the options are A) Go elsewhere or B) Start your own site.
  • WickedBeanWickedBean Member Posts: 249 Member Posts: 249
    It is a private site as has been said. They can do as they please...if you dislike it, the options are A) Go elsewhere or B) Start your own site.
    Yup... although I would like to be able to say dick clark's name with out the stupid censor stars lol
  • victoria4321victoria4321 Member Posts: 1,737 Member Member Posts: 1,737 Member
    I support it because you don't have to be logged in to view the forums which means anyone of any age group can see it. Also I think without the censorship then the foul language would be overused. I like reading a forum where it appears that the members are able to express their ideas verbally without an f bomb every other word for "special effect".

    If there were no rules here, most people would act like complete idiots.
  • tauntotaunto Member Posts: 6,512 Member Member Posts: 6,512 Member
    This isn't a democracy...this is basically a private business.

    If you go to a store barefoot and without shirt, you get thrown out due to the law of "no shirt, no shoes, no service". Many businesses, even in state where its allowed, donot allow smoking inside premises. It's their business. If you don't like their policies, you can take your business elsewhere.

    I am personally fine with the censorship here. And I am one of the people who have gotten in trouble more than once for saying things. And I still believe it is fine. Why? Because I donot want every immature kid coming in here screaming and cussing. Neither do I want this site to turn into a porn site where everybody is showing off the goods. They have certain adult hookup sites for that if you like

    ETA: Screaming over and over "I'm an adult and I can do or say whatever I want" is a very immature attitude to have.

    Those who want respect, give respect
  • Jules2BeJules2Be Member Posts: 2,342 Member Member Posts: 2,342 Member
    **** ***** **** **** ******
  • CliffslosinitCliffslosinit Member Posts: 5,134 Member Member Posts: 5,134 Member

    Hookers and blow b!tches
  • pastryaripastryari Member Posts: 8,752 Member Member Posts: 8,752 Member
    It is a private site as has been said. They can do as they please...if you dislike it, the options are A) Go elsewhere or B) Start your own site.

    This exactly. All these random threads about censorship and deleting posts are extremely annoying. You are using this site for free and they have volunteers dedicating their time to making this an awesome site. Quit whining or go use a different website.
  • blondie0942blondie0942 Member Posts: 146 Member Member Posts: 146 Member
    >I ask for no hate
    >Get slammed for voicing my opinion

    Thanks, guys
  • halobenderhalobender Member Posts: 780 Member Member Posts: 780 Member
    Soo ... now you see why there's censorship here ;)

    But I hear ya. I hate how much censorship there is, but there are far too many people who use the forums here. If it weren't a million people (exaggeration for effect ... I don't know how many registered users there are), 90% of whom have no filter, it wouldn't be a big deal, but there are a lot of idiots.

    One thing that really irks me is when they delete threads. You shouldn't delete threads. It's like saying "Nothing bad ever happens here. How are your earplugs and blindfold working out for you?"

    There are a lot of inappropriate threads, though, too. Regardless to whether this is the chit-chat section or not, there are things that aren't appropriate for forums that are open-registration.

    I dunno, there have been far too many good threads that were going along fine and were locked and deleted ... I dunno. Their prerogative. But I disagree with some of the threads they choose to lock and delete, and then the ones they leave open ...
  • OnMyWeigh464OnMyWeigh464 Member Posts: 447 Member Member Posts: 447 Member
    If there was no censorship I would be dropping the F-Bomb too much lol
  • pucenavelpucenavel Member Posts: 986 Member Member Posts: 986 Member
    you need to drink more water
  • RebelliousRibbonsRebelliousRibbons Member Posts: 391 Member Member Posts: 391 Member
    While I agree that the hate-posts should definitely be sorted out, I think sex topics should be allowed in the threads. This is a website for adults. Adults have sex, and weight loss and gain plays a HUGE role in sex. And these are generally honest questions. (Also, I would like to be able to log sex as exercise. ;) )

    As for censoring language? Not a big fan of that, but I understand why.

    Also, they should make the forums only viewable by members. It's stupid not to... and it makes me feel hesitant to post in case a future employer googles me. I know, I know, I should have used a different username, but I didn't think about it at first.
  • ElzecatElzecat Member Posts: 2,921 Member Member Posts: 2,921 Member
    It's a privately owned, free site. If you signed up for MyFitnessPal, you probably should have read this:

    There are multiple references about moderating user content as they feel appropriate and that you "meaning, you the MFP end user," will use the site in an appropriate manner and follow the rules. It has honestly been too long since I signed up, but I'm sure I had to agree to these terms when I signed up...
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