135 NSV for 135lbs lost



  • jkimmett
    jkimmett Posts: 46 Member
    I love this, you're inspiring.
    1. Not wearing my maternity jeans a year after the birth
    2. Stopping passively complaining
    3. Feeling better about myself for making the change
    4. Learning the "secret" and finally getting it!
    5. Running is fun
    6. Getting into a dress I loved even if I had no occassion to wear it yet
    7. Teaching my children by my positive example
    8. My husband losing weight too "by accident"
    9. Being weighed by my Doctor today and not minding
    10. Lighter than my weight after my first baby, looking forward to going lower than before babies
    11. Reaction from my colleagues after I returned to work
    12. Hating photographs of me less
    13. Learning to fuel my body properly
    14. Breaking under the 11st mark
    15. Hitting normal BMI
    16. Knowing it's achievable
    17. Looking forward to what's possible at goal 10lbs away

    These are great!!! Keep going!! I love how we all have different ones that mean the most to us.

    Thank you to everyone for your kind words. I could not have done it without lots of support :)
  • rfarinha
    rfarinha Posts: 388 Member
    Wow! Congratulations! That is quite a list, and very inspiring!!!:flowerforyou:

    BTW... I guess you really love "Running with my kids"... It's #6 and #65! :wink:
  • Karrie262
    Karrie262 Posts: 152 Member
    This was such an inspirational post and I'm so happy you shared it with us. You are so strong! I hope this post finds its way to others who are starting out where you were 135 pounds ago because it really does put things into perspective. Kudos and congratulations on such an amazing job well done.

  • Karrie262
    Karrie262 Posts: 152 Member

    135. I am happy. I am truly happy with this new life.

    I read every single one of those but the last one is my favorite, it gave me chills and made me tear up. I am so happy for you!! WELL DONE!!!!

    Me too. Simply amazing. Your happiness made me happy! lol
  • Njenva
    Njenva Posts: 58 Member
    Congratulations on your weight loss. This list is amazing. A great idea!
  • owlgoose
    owlgoose Posts: 25
    I wrote this and I think everyone should write one. Maybe I can inspire someone to do this. I have lost 135lbs and have so much to be thankful for.

    135 Non Scale Victories for 135lbs lost

    1. Going on an airplane and not getting an extender.
    2. Going on roller coasters and fitting.
    3. Painting my toenails.
    4. Running up stairs
    5. Crossing my legs.
    6. Running with my kids.
    7. Not lying about my weight.
    8. Going to Disney World and walking for 7 days straight and not being tired.
    9. Tying my shoes.
    10. No more knee pain.
    11. No more pain in general.
    12. Jumping on the trampoline.
    13. Getting up on a water trampoline.
    14. Wearing a bathing suit around all day and being ok with that.
    15. Fitting into a size 8.
    16. Shopping at a regular store.
    17. Ordering stuff online and knowing it will fit.
    18. Shaving my legs is easier
    19. I am proud that I have done this and succeeded.
    20. Fitting behind the steering wheel.
    21. Fitting into a normal life jacket.
    22. Canoeing for 3 days straight.
    23. Hitting obese on the BMI chart.
    24. Hitting normal on the BMI chart.
    25. Fitting into my very skinny 16 year old foster child's old winter coat.
    26. Wearing a size medium.
    27. Laying in the kids bed and not feeling like its going to collapse.
    28. Sitting in any camp chair and not worrying about it collapsing.
    29. Have lost both my kids (in weight)
    30. I love wearing dresses now.
    31. Not renting a scooter to get around theme parks.
    32. Flying by my initial goal.
    33. Not being out of breath all the time.
    34. People smile at me more.
    35. People complimenting me on my weight loss.
    36. Fitting in the shower.
    37. Fitting in an outhouse or any public washroom or change room.
    38. I can wipe my own butt easily.
    39. Kids can hug me all the way around.
    40. I have more energy for the kids.
    41. I can shop at Victoria Secret.
    42. I bought jeans at the GAP.
    43. I fit in a sleeping bag.
    44. I fit in a sleeping bag WITH my 6 year old daughter.
    45. I fit in a canoe without panicking that my weight would tip it.
    46. I can fit in a movie seat.
    47. I can fit in a stadium seat.
    48. I can fit in any booth in a restaurant.
    49. I can squeeze my butt into places I would have avoided before.
    50. Sex is better.
    51. I weigh less then my husband.
    52. I eat so much better.
    53. Fruit is my sweet food.
    54. I can ice skate.
    55. I can wear a long coat and not feel like a church bell.
    56. I can wear high boots.
    57. I wear heels.
    58. Easily putting socks on.
    59. Looking at my pants thinking they are my son's.
    60. Knowing people aren't staring at me feeling pity for me.
    61. Knowing my kids are proud of me.
    62. Dancing all night and not being tired.
    63. Dancing all night and enjoying the looks from other men.
    64. Maintaining a healthy weight.
    65. Running with my kids.
    66. Being a good role model for my kids.
    67. Having to resize my wedding ring.
    68. My shoes are too big now.
    69. Caring about my looks and looking after myself.
    70. Eating well.
    71. Going hiking without being tired.
    72. Playing soccer with my whole family at a reunion.
    73. My blisters on my feet are all healed and haven't had one since losing weight.
    74. Lower grocery bill.
    75. Lower bill eating in a restaurant.
    76. I can eat out for $1.89 and be full.
    77. I don't get an appetizer, dinner and dessert and still want more.
    78. I love experimenting with healthier foods and find I love them.
    79. I don't miss bread.
    80. I can wear my hair up and there is no hump.
    81. I can squat down and talk to kids at their level comfortably.
    82. My 2 kids and me can fit comfortable together on the couch.
    83. I can feel my hips.
    84. I can lay on my belly and my hips touch the floor.
    85. I can see my neck bones.
    86. I can't stop touching my new shoulder bones.
    87. I can fit my hand all the way around my wrist and then some.
    88. I can wear a normal size ankle bracelet.
    89. I can sit cross legged.
    90. I can see different bones in my hands.
    91. I weigh less then my mom for the first time in my life.
    92. I take care of my body more.
    93. I take up way less room in my bed.
    94. I can fit into the clothes I wore in college and now they are too big.
    95. I look people in the eye.
    96. I have more confidence.
    97. Realizing I deserve this life.
    98. Realizing I deserve my dreams to come true.
    99. I cut my hair short.
    100. I cook healthy meals and snacks.
    101. My family and kids are eating healthier.
    102. My kids are realizing what is important and good to eat.
    103. My kids now read the labels on foods.
    104. Both my husband and I can fit on the couch.
    105. Am happy with my body right now.
    106. Love seeing my shadow.
    107. Love seeing sight of myself in a window.
    108. I love the way I eat now.
    109. Fast food places disgust me and I have no desire to go there.
    110. I am just so thankful every day for this new life.
    111. I like going out now, before I didn't want to leave the house.
    112. I can fit in a bath tub and can get out again.
    113. Went sledding with the kids and climbed up the hill over and over again.
    114. Fit into a snow suit I wore when I was 12.
    115. Clothes are cheaper to buy.
    116. Not thinking everyone is talking badly about me.
    117. The depression is gone.
    118. I have made some amazing life long friends on my support group site.
    119. I have realized that life is a journey worth taking my time on and living, its not a race to the finish.
    120. I have realized I still love food and still love to cook and that's ok.
    121. I have realized I have so much to be thankful for.
    122. I like having goals again and something to work towards.
    123. I'm not afraid to meet new people.
    124. I want to go to my high school reunion.
    125. I have lost more weight then I weigh.
    126. I think I mentioned earlier that sex is better, but I can do a lot more positions.
    127. Being willing to work on me and recognizing I am a work in progress.
    128. Wanting to take a vacation on my own, to New Orleans and meet some of you. I never would have done that before.
    129. I walked 22km's and didn't even realize I had walked so far.
    130. Am considering my future and what it entails, before I was stuck in a rut.
    131. I have taken pictures of myself in a bathing suit.
    132. I find I appreciate so much more about my life, I think its because I am actually living it.
    133. I am much more in tune with my body and what it signals it needs and I listen.
    134. I have been given the gift of dreaming and knowing that I can do anything I want to and nothing is going to stand in my way.
    135. I am happy. I am truly happy with this new life.

    but 6 and 65 are the same!

    great list though =)
  • speediejane
    speediejane Posts: 496 Member
    great post-congratulations be proud:smile:
  • ccpowers
    ccpowers Posts: 203 Member
    This is a fantastic idea...its funny how we notice the NSV's at the time but so quickly dismiss them. I think this should be a must for everyone, at every level of loss. Thank you for sharing!
  • expoduck
    expoduck Posts: 59
    I plan on losing a little over 135lbs, and I'd love to tick off everything on this list! Well done you! :smile:
  • BobbieLee1959
    BobbieLee1959 Posts: 605 Member
    Congratulations! I am beginning to enjoy some of those same NSV's and have lots more to lose. Would love to weigh the same as you! I know I can and will get to that place where I am comfortable in my own skin. Am slowly heading that way! Thanks for sharing this encouraging list! You brought tears to my eyes!! WTG!!!
  • _quirky_girl_
    _quirky_girl_ Posts: 27 Member
    Wow, amazing. Thanks for sharing.
  • Brandon74
    Brandon74 Posts: 453 Member
    That is awesome! Congratulations
  • THEErikaR
    THEErikaR Posts: 160 Member
    Wow...this is truly motivating. Congratulations on your success, and thank you so much for your list!! So many things on it that I can't wait to experience!! :)
  • ladybug8814
    ladybug8814 Posts: 41 Member
    I think I am going to print this and keep it with me as inspiration. I want almost all of what you put down and I am going to get there. Thanks so much for sharing in this way.
  • lolly911
    My first day and I am so inspired by your list!!!! Thanks for posting!!!!
  • lolly911
    I just printed list too!!! Its hanging in my office!!
  • JenBalderas
    JenBalderas Posts: 10 Member
    This is so awesome!! I love this! sometimes when Im wanting to eat everything in sight I feel like the only benefit of losing weight is better clothes, and my want to eat out weighs that one benefit. I know silly. I'm going to print this list off and read it evertime I want to eat everything in the house. Thank yOU!! and congratulations on your amazing weight loss. I can't wait to some day be in that spot myself :)
  • liberella
    liberella Posts: 57 Member
    This is so inspiring and honest - thank you!:love:
  • FlamingJune67
    FlamingJune67 Posts: 96 Member
    All newbies should read this! Losing weight is about so much more than just looking better - it improves almost every aspect of your life!
  • kali31337
    kali31337 Posts: 1,048 Member
    This is amazing!
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