ROAD TRIP! Snacks??

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14.5 hour road trip, 3 different drivers, and not stopping at a hotel :noway: . Healthy snack ideas?? :drinker:


  • maremare312
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    Yikes! Can you get a little cooler to keep in the car? That would open up your options to sandwiches, string cheese, yogurt, raw veggies. Otherwise, fruit, jerky, maybe 100 cal snack packs if you eat those, trail mix, granola bars.
  • michellekicks
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    Fruit. Berries. Popcorn. Beef Jerky. Water... coffee.
  • Lmezz11
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    Interested in the answers...
  • StephStepByStep
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    Yes, we do have a little cooler we can bring along!
  • StephStepByStep
    StephStepByStep Posts: 131 Member
    Anymore ideas??
  • innocenceportrayed
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    Laughing cow cheese(doesn't have to be refrigerated), homemade trail mix, something with crack to keep you awake? (=
  • MSeel1984
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    Peanut butter and pretzels (be sure to portion out in advance), dried fruit and nuts, low fat jerky, cheese, granola bars (low fat), veggies with low fat dip, goldfish crackers, graham crackers
  • jf0311
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    Do you like Corn Nuts? Get some garbanzo beans, drain and pat dry. spread on baking sheet, season with whatever you want and stick them in the oven for about 15 min (if I remember correctly). Ta-da!
  • GmeB
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    pretzels,baby carrots and granola bars
  • luchien
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    The health care worker in me wants to also say make sure you stop and walk around!! You wouldn't believe the people I see who take long drives no stopping and get blood cots.

    Snack wise, I would say pack a mini cooler for sure. Some ideas- Cheese and crackers, apples, peanut butter packs (u can get natural ones at most stores), protein bars, or granola bars, water, iced coffee, corn nuts, almond snack packs, trail mix, roasted chick peas, bananas.
  • misty0413
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    Don't forget some hard boiled eggs for protien!
  • mitchipooo
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    Keep the answers coming, I'm off next Weds night for a 12 hour drive on my own. Will defo need something to keep me going, used to be beef jerky, rootbeer and chocolate bars but I don't want that to happen this trip. I'm thinking baby carrots, fruit and coffee, lots and lots of coffee.
  • Raw nuts/ seeds
    Tins of tuna on rice cakes
    Unsalted popcorn
    Raw vegie sticks
    Homemade biscuits (using oats, nuts, fruit and honey)
    Protein shakes (just take the powder in a shaker and when you stop for fuel, buy a cold bottle of water to use)
  • katrinkap
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    veggies and fruits... WATER :) crackers... raisins and peanuts... oh.. getting hungry here.
  • freeze dried/ dehydrated fruit!
  • 100 cal snack packs are carbohydrate sugar bombs! think of nutrient content vs. calorie content. Hundred calorie packs = two thumbs down

    healthy options: apples, peanut butter (natural kind), almonds, dried fruit, good greens bars, kale chips, INSTEAD of regular chips to snack on go for whole grain tortilla chips or some of the nutrient dense low cal options in the organic section of your local grocer. there are snacks called pop chips, and delicious bars called KIND bars that come in diff. combos!

    think about the chemistry of your food:

    100 cal snack backs: loaded with synthetic processed crap
    beef jerky: loaded with sodium, fat, and nitrates.

  • hbrutz
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    carrot sticks and hummus
    protein bars
    apples and other fruit
  • Kelley247
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    If you have time to cook, steam any kind of potatoes (except Yams) and bring them along. Bring nuts, raw veggies and fruit. Can use salad dressing or bean and humus dips for extra flavor and satisfaction eating the veggies and potatoes.
  • DterMined2012
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    14.5 hour road trip, 3 different drivers, and not stopping at a hotel :noway: . Healthy snack ideas?? :drinker:
    sounds about like the trip i have planned in sept so I appreciate the ideas as well