90 pounds gone, 11 left to go!! Pics included



  • sparklelioness
    sparklelioness Posts: 600 Member
    I reached my goal jeans today, size 9/10. I started out in a tight size 22. I try to stay under my calorie goal everyday and I exercise 5 times/week. I started out walking a mile, and now I'm running. Finished a half marathon in May, and still running. I also started a lifting program in June called the New Rules of Lifting For Women. Feel free to add me if you want!

    265 lbs or so

    175 lbs

    Wow... You look fantastic! I started around the same size as you, i was 262 lbs. at 236 now, hope to be at goal next summer. Your pics are inspiring! :)
  • Charger440
    Charger440 Posts: 1,474 Member
    I seen your pics and there is a big difference....maybe the pun is intended :)

    Awesome job....you look great!
  • vena60
    vena60 Posts: 5 Member
    How in the heck did you lose 90 lbs and how long did it take you? This is my 1st day on diet and it is awful!!
  • rondanb
    rondanb Posts: 2 Member
    how did you like the new rules of lifting? I just started and Im tracking my cals but not doing a fantastic job with that. YOu look great!
  • Restybaby2012
    Restybaby2012 Posts: 568 Member
    my first thought was that its not the same woman in both pics

    Then I realized that that thought was my shock AND jealousy at what a wonderful job you've done
  • mother211
    mother211 Posts: 25 Member
    WOW!!!! You look amazing!
  • ALW65
    ALW65 Posts: 643 Member
    Thanks everyone!! Y'all are making me tear up reading all these nice comments.

    I'm 5'9" by the way

    You do look so incredible! I'm 5'9" and at 183 and I'm nowhere close to looking like you. I know body different body types will affect appearance, but I'm curious about the changes you've seen. Did you develop that great figure mostly from the weight loss, or have you started noticing changes from the weights - I wasn't sure how long you've been lifting.

    If I look half as good as you when I'm finished I'll be one happy woman!

    *Edited to say I just saw that you said lifting started in June - too early for my eyes to read well I guess! - Same questions apply :flowerforyou:
  • muffinwench
    muffinwench Posts: 22 Member
    Wow!! So inspiring! I'm going to keep coming back to look at these pics for motivation!
  • Mistyblu08
    Mistyblu08 Posts: 580 Member
    WOW you look great:):) congrats on all your hard work paying off!! :)
  • claymic
    claymic Posts: 34 Member
    that is amazing!!!! i have exactly like you to lose and now that i see how it could be i am more motivated!!

    thanks for posting
  • luvdogz
    luvdogz Posts: 56 Member
    What a transformation!!! You look amazing, and so inspiring!! Great job, and thanks for sharing!
  • Brandon74
    Brandon74 Posts: 453 Member
    Congrats!!! You look really good!
  • tjk71
    tjk71 Posts: 167
    Well done! You look amazing!
  • HauteP1nk
    HauteP1nk Posts: 2,139 Member

    Good job!!!
  • slliwlt
    slliwlt Posts: 68 Member
    That is awesome! You should be so proud of your hard work! PS-You look younger in after photo too! 8-)
  • cherridawnn
    You are so cute!!! :-) Great job!
  • Penny_Wren
    Penny_Wren Posts: 18 Member
    You look amazing! You don't even need to lose another 11! x
  • Squidgeypaws007
    Squidgeypaws007 Posts: 1,012 Member
  • bpwparents
    bpwparents Posts: 359 Member
    Wow! You look wonderful. I started out at 263 so I really love to see these kind of transformations. You did a wonderful job! Hopefully I'll look like that by next spring. How long did this take you?
  • Woodmangler
    Woodmangler Posts: 96 Member
    That wonderful smile says it all! ... Congratulations!
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