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What are your top 3 "most used" foods



  • 1) Hormel - Real Bacon Pieces

    2) Enza - Baby Jazz Apple

    3) Wonderful (Sam's) - Roasted & Salted Almonds
  • Egg whites, greek yogurt, ground turkey
  • dpwellman
    dpwellman Posts: 3,271 Member
    1) skim milk (with Nesquick No HFCS Chocolate Syrup)
    2) Marathon Energy Bars Crunchy Dark Chocolate
    3) Tied between Tyson 100% Natural Chicken Breast and Hunts Snack Pack Fat Free Chocolate.

    Heh: top three involve chocolate: so full of win!
  • Turkey/Chick Wrap with Peperjack cheese
    General Mills - Fiber One 90 Calorie Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar
    Yoplait - Light Blackberry Yogurt
  • angrodriguez92
    angrodriguez92 Posts: 193 Member
    1. eggs
    2. salsa
    3. cottage cheese
  • Cornmuffin
    Cornmuffin Posts: 809 Member
    1. Coffee - Brewed from grounds
    2. Fresh - Roma Tomato
    3. Coffeemate - Liquid Creamer French Vanilla Pump=1 Tsp
  • sweetnlow30
    sweetnlow30 Posts: 497 Member
    lately it has been

    whole egg
    egg white

    I LOVE my peaches when they are in season and I eat eggs every day for lunch
  • tinacrane
    tinacrane Posts: 136 Member
    1. baby carrots ( my all time fav snack)
    2. greek yogurt
    3. ground turkey ( many ways) ties with oatmeal
  • taylor5877
    taylor5877 Posts: 1,792 Member
    Strawberries, Raw
    Feta Cheese
  • JessMason24
    JessMason24 Posts: 38 Member
    Hood - 1% Milk
    Farm Fresh - Egg
    Great Value - Raspberry Ice Sugar Free Drink Mix

    Egg every morning, Milk with dinner.

    Pretty Boring. Doesn't tell too much. :wink:
  • McAlyna
    McAlyna Posts: 123 Member
    1. Generic - Rice, White, Steamed
    2. Vietnamese Iced Drip Coffee
    3. Fresh Vegetables.
  • bratleen
    bratleen Posts: 60 Member
    1. Coffee
    2. 1% Milk
    3. Smuckers All-Natural Peanut Butter

    I have coffee every day and peanut butter with polaner all fruit on a 100 calorie sandwich flat or english muffin is my go to breakfast...
  • tuiccim
    tuiccim Posts: 689 Member
    1. Coffee
    2. Sugar Substitute
    3. Milk

    Can you guess what I drink everyday?
  • Egg whites
    Laughing Cow
  • 1. Coffee
    2. Grilled Chicken
    3. Greek Yogurt
  • Edestiny7
    Edestiny7 Posts: 731 Member
    lettuce - romaine, red, or green
    black beans
    brown rice
  • Aello11
    Aello11 Posts: 314 Member
  • fmbomzo
    fmbomzo Posts: 473 Member
    Creamy Peanut Butter
    Baby Spinach
    Peach Kefir
  • Vansy
    Vansy Posts: 421 Member
    whole wheat bread

    -- way out of wack. Sugar is at the top because it's been used everyday in coffee. Banana, who knows, I eat a half daily typically. And whole wheat BREAD hasn't been used in months, i use english muffins.. lol
  • wildcata77
    wildcata77 Posts: 660
    Black coffee
    1% Milk

    You can all see how I take my coffee!

    If you go further down, there's also tomato, banana, white onion and yellow squash saute, eggs, and bacon. ;)