T.H.E. Team - Week 49

Although we usually start a new thread on Fridays, we'll start one today so that we can keep track of what week we're on. I hope this is right. :)

We are a group of people of different places in life, different places in our healthy eating and lifestyle change, different ages, different body types, different level of being overweight, different reasons for being overweight - but in common we all have the goal of becoming healthy in our eating, our lifestyle, our exercise, and our body size. We are here to support, encourage, motivate and sometimes push each other forward. We do not judge. We do not coddle. We do the best we can. Because we are, after all, T.H.E. Team - Trying Hard Everyday.

All are welcome.


  • adopt4
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    guys i need your help for breakfast. I need a cereal that's not too high calorie but chewy or crunchy, like granola or grape nuts, that takes a long time to eat and something i can have more than just 1 cup of. ate my cereal this morning not realizing the cals and CRAP it was almost a whole days' worth with milk. but the low cal cereals just don't fill me up, or dont' seem to, because you can eat them quickly, whereas granola takes forever to eat and i feel like i've eaten a lot even though it's the same amount of other cereals. any ideas?
  • Kelli I don't eat too much cereal so I can't help you there. sorry
  • nitag
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    Kelli I don't eat much cereal and if I do its Cheerios or Special k.. Like you, it doesn't fill me up so I tend to stay away from it.. I only find Oatmeal or a simple egg sandwich work.. Oh and Special K Waffles.. Those work too....

    Thanks for starting the new thread....
  • LosingIt4good
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    Hey teamies!

    I havent checked in over the weekend, but only because I got pretty busy. I didnt fill out my food log yesterday, but otherwise Ive managed to stay on track and under for calories.

    Before he left, Hubby made me watch a documentary on netflix called "The Beautiful Truth" and Man, I tell ya... It really is changing our perspective on foods. I went grocery shopping and came home with tons of healthy stuff to eat.. and yes, Im actually eating it! ;0) Its amazing how getting back to exercising regularly makes me want to watch what Im eating more and to eat better quality food. (I havent had chocolate in over a week!!! LOL) Last week I managed to walk a total of 26 miles and today I took a day off from the walking and did the wii fit for 45 minutes.

    I weighed in, but its close to TOM for me and Im all bloaty, so It didnt show any loss. Im not stressin tho, I can already feel my ab muscles tightening (yay!) and my hips are a little sore, so Ive been doing more stretches before and after. Tomorrow is a 6 mile walk if the weather holds out and doesnt dump rain on us. If it does rain, I'll just do my walk away the pounds video'sand I have alot of house cleaning to do as well.. ;0)

    For breakfast, I usually do peanut butter toast or reduced fat waffles with peanut butter and a fruit, then chug my water and have a cup of coffee (which is hot so it takes me a while to get it in). I also love the oatmeal right now because its winter and... well its a warm breakfast, so it fills the belly and gets me through my morning walk. Ive been making it in my crockpot at night so its ready in the AM to have right when I get up. Then I store the leftovers in the fridge and just nuke them over a couple days. The kids like that them that way too and its easy for everyone to add what they like to it. I get bored easily with the same ole stuff in my oatmeal, so switch add ins all the time. I used to pour on the brown sugar and I cant stand to have it not sweetened, so I use the truvia or a little honey instead then I add other stuff (fruits, nuts, cinnamon, nutmeg) to make it what Im in the mood for. Keeps it interesting anyway.. ;0)
  • nitag
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    Good to see you on LI4G... Gonna need that Oatmeal for Crock pots recipe ...

    Yesterday I really had the Monday blues... This morning I am off and enjoying a cup of coffee and watching the rain.... Hopefully it will melt this snow away....

    I got the Your Shape w/Jenny Mc Carthy for Wii in the mail so I am going to get that set up today and work out to that.... My goal is 45 mins...

    Log log log and drink drink drink your water guys...

    Have a great day....

  • swignal
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    Good Afternoon Team...

    Its ME well I didn't freeze to death... The Landlord got the propane but it wasn't until yesterday afternoon.. today I am aching so bad with my back it is hurting to sit stand lay... I am not having a good day... but I wanted to stop in and post so ya all know I am here :-)

    Anita, keep up your great work...

    Cyndi, your doing great as well..

    Lets get Moving :-)
  • LosingIt4good
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    Anita... for the oatmeal.. I buy Irish steel cut oats for cooking in the crockpot.. they are a little more expensive, but all natural and worth it to me.. LOL.. dont use regular oats they get icky and too mushy!

    What ya need is a crockpot big enough to fit another heat safe bowl inside of it so you can make a double boiler out of your slow cooker. (it also makes it SOO much easier to clean up afterwards and you can store the oatmeal in the fridge in the bowl you cook it in)

    What I do is add 4 cups water to 1 cup of the steel cut oats in the bowl. Put the bowl in the crockpot and add water around the bowl to come up to the level of the oatmeal. Plop on the lid, then turn it on low overnight. When ya get up in the morning... viola.. hot oatmeal! You can store the leftovers in the fridge and just nuke them each morning.

    This recipe makes about 4 cups of oatmeal, which lasts me about a week.

    You can add cinnamon and raisins or cranberries to the oats before you cook them and it turns out awesome. I usually add a couple tsp of cinnamon and a handful of whatever dried fruit to it that Im in the mood for, but If you wanna make plain and add stuff to it later, that works great too.. then your not stuck eating the same oatmeal for a week. ;0)

    Its pissin down rain here today, so no 6 mile walk for me today. Already did a mile of the walking workout, gonna do 1 more here soon. Im having girl issues today.. so Im just taking it easy.
  • mistydcox
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    Hey all! We got back from our trip to see family in Spokane so today is rough. I did try to eat as well as possible on vacation! Tried to drink less wine ha ha ha. :) So officially cutting out all alcohol during the week Friday and Saturday are the only nights and must be included in our daily calories. I am a diet coke addict so will eventually try and cut it down but right now going back my healthy eating, no wine and all is hard enough for the first two weeks. So taking it slow. Tracking everything on here and got my hubby to join! We both weighed in and measured today. Yes, about had a heart attack. This will change though! :) So going for my goal this month from now to the end of January setting a goal of 10 pounds. It is always easier to lose in the beginning!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. :)

  • I'm getting nervous.... we're waiting to hear about the town home still... I'm trying to stay up and up about it, but I can't help but think what if we don't get it... how much longer can we stay here with the mil... it's getting pretty bad... I want my life back... my daughter has been raised the past 8 months in some one else's home... we can't have company over, most of our stuff is in storage... it sucks. I can't even cook the way I want to, clean the way I want to, or even watch tv in the living room... no music... nothing... We're confined to freaking bed room or the kitchen table.
  • swignal
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    Morning Team,

    I sure hope your doing better then me... My back is absolutely hurting... It is hurting to sit stand lay... My MRI was changed to tomorrow cuz of the snow we got last Thursday... I just want the pain to go away so I can get back to my exercising.. right now all I want to do is cry... Although I am trying to maintain my healthy eating!! the good thing is my back hurts to bad to stand to fix anything to eat!! The bad thing is I am hungry :-(.... okay enough of my miserable day...

    On a good note... My niece is going in to surgery to have my nephew as we speak... keep her and the little guy in your prayers she always seems to have close to 10pound babies when she is 5' and 120 pounds... I will post later when she is out safe and sound :-)
  • swignal
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    My Nephew Benjamin James Sharbaugh was born Jan. 13 at 12:47. He is 8 lbs 11 oz and 20 inches long Mom and Baby are doing Great...
  • adopt4
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    Hurray for Benjamin! Welcome little guy!

    I just wrote out this post and hit the wrong key and blam it's gone. Grrrr. Ok so I didn't post yesterday, night before last the landlord told us he's selling the house and we can buy it or move. We can't buy it yet and we don't have the money to move, we just started to catch up on our bills and see light at the end of the tunnel. So hoping he doesn't get any offers on it until after we get our tax return back (in about 3 mos) when we'll have the money to move.

    Decided I'm going to the gym on days I have my K-er home, plus a day on the weekend. I just started a new volunteer position and it's taking a lot of my time right now, I have to interview and hire staff, help clients, etc. I'm a proud TAPS family member if that means anything to you you'll know what I"m doing. :smile:

    Logging my food today, haven't been consistent with it. Doing better today. Just ate my lunch altho it's only 10:30 cuz I had a light breakfast and am going to Ikea in a little bit with a friend, if we get hungry there I want to only have a snack of fruit or salad rather than eat pasta or a sandwich. And you can recycle your kids thru Ikea, so we usually cover the place about 5-6 times or more, so that counts as exercise in my book!

    Just as i"m finally settled into my house and organizing it and feeling like it's home - we may have to move. WTF?
  • DWray44
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    Hey Teamies!!! Sorry for my absence the past few months, I've been dealing with some medical/personal issues, but I'm happy to say that I'm back!

    I went to the gym this morning, for the first time since May, and it felt great! I even signed up for a consultation with a trainer, to help me strengthen my knee and leg muscles. YES, the dreaded knee. Still having problems with it since I had surgery, but it's getting better.

    I hope you're all doing well, and I'm so happy to be back!! :bigsmile:
  • nitag
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    Hi Everyone... Nice to see all your faces...

    Dara I haven't even seen you on facebook... Hope all is good..

    Adopt4 great on volunteering...

    LI4G, I am going to try the oatmeal...

    Sheila congrats on that nephew...

    Everyone else... Hello......

    Have a great day....
  • swignal
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    Thanks for the congrats..

    I am about to go to my MRI appointment in about an hour.. its this evening when Grey's Anatomy is on ugh how dare they!!!! although I am recording!!!

    I managed to get though my day yesterday without eating the house but I did drink a caramel Frappie from McDonald's I know that was bad but as hungry as I was I am glad that was the worst think I had!!!

    Hoping to be back at the gym On Monday...

    this weekend is going to be busy.. Cassie has her synchronized sk8ing Competition this weekend her team sk8s Sunday Morning.. wish her team lots of luck :-)

    hope all is well with everyone..

    Good luck Adopt4 in the new house hunt!!! I sure hate moving....would not look forward to that at all
  • adopt4
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    Hi team, last night I went to an orientation for host families (we're hosting a foreign exchange student again, MALE this time) and somehow sitting there for a few hours really put my hips and back out. I'm dying today. I hadn't planned on going to the gym but I am hoping to get everything put back into place so I can go Sat as planned. Grr!

    Doing ok on my eating for about half the day. Then I go off the reservation. A friend gave me a whole bunch of diet frozen dinners she can't eat (she went on South Beach so her diet is very specific) and so I have some selections of good things for lunches, which I appreciate. The christmas chocolate kisses are now gone so the temptations in the house are slowly going away. thank goodness.

    haven't been able to find steel cut oats at the regular grocery store, do i have to go to an organic grocery store? or just one with bulk stuff?
  • manda1111
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    Lots have been going on here since I turned 30 on the 7th. I have made some major changes and wanted to share them with ya'll. Change 1- I joined two different yoga classes. I have been practicing yoga for about 8 months on my own and feel that I am read y to take on a class. Also I realized that with my schedule/ preferred eating habits my 30min morning workout is only enough to maintain not to get rid of the other 30lbs to my goal weight. Change 2- I got a tattoo for my birthday. I used to think that I would never do something like that but I have changed a lot in the past three years or so and this was a way for me to say good by to the 20's and bring on the 30's! Change 3- I'm taking a year off of teaching to focus only on my writing. I feel like I have to really give it a chance and this is a good time for me and my husband to do it. So... all that said here goes.

    SW 198, GW 130, CW 168= no change but lost 1 in off hips :)
  • pinbotchick
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    It sounds like everyone is doing pretty well. Life has been keeping me busy with between work and trying to get in some extra workouts. I forgot to post weigh-in last week but finally lost 2 pounds after a 2 week plateau. This week, i am down 2 more -YEAH. 4 down and 6 to go for the Valentine's Day Challenge.

    manda111 SW 198, GW 130, CW 168= no change but lost 1 in off hips :)
    pinbotchick SW 237, GW 140, CW 207 = -2 lbs

    Have a great week. Good luck with your weigh-ins.
  • Uggh.. today I weighed 139.4. I was hoping for 137. Didn't work out yesterday and ate too much. Fell asleep at the same time as my daughter around 730! I really needed the sleep though, so I guess I'll try not to be too disappointed. Today is a new day so time to get it right!

    SW 149, GW 130, CW 139.4= -.8
  • LosingIt4good
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    manda111 SW 198, GW 130, CW 168= no change but lost 1 in off hips :)
    pinbotchick SW 237, GW 140, CW 207 = -2 lbs
    cc_campbell81 SW 149, GW 130, CW 139.4= -.8
    Losingit4good SW 222, GW 200, CW 220.2= -2

    I thought I would humor the scale this morning and step on it and it says Im down 2lbs from last week.
    TOM is 3 days late too.. so go figure that one!!

    I did manage to walk my 6 miles yesterday. The weather was perfect outside and we really huffed it trying to get it done as fast as possible except when we stopped to feed the ducks. It took us 1:45 to complete and my HRM said I burned 1500 some odd calories afterwards, so I was pretty thrilled about that. Just realized I forgot to complete my food journal yesterday, but I know I was under by quite a bit. Didnt eat no 2900 yesterday, thats for sure! LOL

    For the oatmeal, the regular grocery store should carry it. I know albertsons does carry the kind I buy.. so does trader joes. It comes in a white tin can with silver & black lettering and its called McCans Irish Steel Cut Oats. Havent looked anywhere else for it tho, so Im not sure who else has it but its a popular brand of oats.

    Ive been turning to the small 100 calorie bags of popcorn to satisfy any afternoon snacking. Walmart carries a 10 pack of different flavors for $3 of the 100 calorie popcorn by Orville Reddenbacher. My kids love them too, so the more I can find for cheap.. the better! ;0)