My jeans fit!!

I am so excited! I tried my capri jeans on 2 weeks ago and they were so tight, there was no way to sit down - LOL! I really felt like wearing them today so I thought why not, try them on again and THEY FIT! Granted they are not as cozy as I would like them to be but I am wearing them today and they look pretty good! **Happy Dance**


  • best feeling ever! no good tasting food could ever compare to fitting into smaller jeans.
  • Izanami66
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    Congrats!! That's so awesome! What a great feeling!! I had a similar experience with my goal jeans (a cute pair of bell-bottoms my friend gave me). Last weekend, I thought, what the hell. I tried them on, and just like you, they fit! My goal now is to have them fit comfortably, hehehe. Cheers to you! :drinker:
  • Hooray for your Pants Day!
  • learntolive
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    HAAARAYYYY! Keep it up!:flowerforyou: Joni
  • sunspotalli
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    that is certainly an awesome feeling! congrats keep up the good work
  • Curvimami
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    Great NSV!! The Jean fit is top on my list :-)
  • lulu3561
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    AWESOME - NSV - keep up the great work.
  • dmpizza
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    Good for you
  • chm2616
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    How exciting!!! Keep up the great work!!!!! :smile:
  • kgprice11
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  • Me too
    except the expensive ones I bougt a size less than normal are baggy, the 3 pairs of cheap and nasty ones (£8 each) fit great
    Always the way
  • Navotc
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    So excited for you! Happy day!:happy:
  • lorib75
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    Hey congrats on a great NSV!!!!:flowerforyou:
  • moss11
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    Makes it all worth while.
  • creech6317
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    Great Job!!! :flowerforyou:
    All of these pants victories have inspired me. I have been wanting to go to the store and see if I can fit a smaller size, and I am inspired to try today after work. Hopefully I will be as successful as you.
  • misalillstead
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    Congrats!!! :D
  • well done to you!