• kbmnurse
    kbmnurse Posts: 2,484 Member
    Hate them!
  • I have 7 :heart:
  • Chameleone
    Chameleone Posts: 281 Member
    Yes that is gonna be my reward when I reach my UGW! Only 6 pounds away!! and another when I've maintained for 6 months, and another when I've maintained for a year.

    I have 3 different ones i plan to get, depending on how much money I have at each one of those instances. Hoping to get some roses on my shoulder blade
  • laserturkey
    laserturkey Posts: 1,680 Member
    Have 2 and am planning on a phoenix someday, when I have the money and can come up with the right art as inspiration.
  • MisterGoodBar
    MisterGoodBar Posts: 157 Member
    i have 4 and desighning my next 2
  • Stardiva37
    Stardiva37 Posts: 169 Member
    luv them i have 12 and when i lose another 50 i am going to get more
  • MiCool90
    MiCool90 Posts: 460 Member
    Have them, love inked women
  • RhonndaJ
    RhonndaJ Posts: 1,615 Member
    I have one, relatively small on my shoulder.

    My next will be to mark my 50th birthday. I know what I want, I just can't quite work out the design. ~sighs~
  • ukulele2010
    ukulele2010 Posts: 126 Member
    I have none, my wife has one. I finished a half iron-man and almost considered getting a half iron-man tattoo where if I completed a full iron-man in the future I could fill in the color. Then, I just said forget it...
  • BelleHeart
    BelleHeart Posts: 281 Member
    I'm not a huge fan and I wouldn't get one cause I don't want the pain... lol I feel like there are good ones tho. Some that have meaning can look nice.
  • Sunscreenandsweat
    Sunscreenandsweat Posts: 190 Member
    I have 3 right now and I am getting my 4th very soon.
  • moesaid2
    moesaid2 Posts: 67
    I got my 1st tattoo when I turned 30--a sunflower blowing in the wind. on the inside of my ankle
    I got my 3rd when I turned 35--a bumblebee on the outside of my ankle

    I got my 2nd sometime in between--a hummingbird with flowers on my left shoulder.

    I want to get more flowers to go with my bumblebee...not sure when though.
  • have 3 at the moment, arm back and leg. Some more at the end of september :) Looking for someone who can draw for ideas!
  • nickiog
    nickiog Posts: 187 Member
    im really looking forward to getting a giant rib/side/hip tattoo when ive sat within 5lbs +/- my goal weight for 6 months.

    as for now i have a full sleeve and a whole bunch of other ones all over the place. i think tattoos are great if its a good quality professional well thought out tattoo.

    my biggest pet peeve is bad tattoos.
  • Janet9906
    Janet9906 Posts: 546 Member
    Got #2 at the 40 pound loss and going to get #3 when I hit 50.
  • ptak1sm
    ptak1sm Posts: 172
    I have 2...1 on my foot, 1 halfway down the left side of my back. I'm planning on getting my next one as a reward for my goal weight, buuut I don't have the money for it. I think it will have to wait until early next year, but by that point, I'll have hit my goal so the only thing is that $$ :)
  • mfpcopine
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    I dislike them. Occasionally, I'll see a striking sleeve, but in general I find them ironic: People who want to show off their originality don't follow the crowd and everyone in the crowd has a tattoo.
  • seaKind
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    they are pretty gross and ugly when you (and your skin) get old(er)... I personally know :(
  • weighlossforbaby
    weighlossforbaby Posts: 847 Member
    I wanna get one some day when I can afford it. I want the name Lucy on my wrist, hip, or back because she was my first furbaby and she meant everything to me :heart:
  • I LOVE art in general so im very fond of ink my man calls me his ink warrior haha if only he would be on board with the last one i want! I have 8 and counting~<3