Any other binge eaters out there?



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    *raises hand*. I get in the mood for junk and then have to eat it all till its gone (so there is none left to tempt me). I should just throw it out or try to buy less in the first place. I tried geting small amounts in to ration myself with but ended up eating it all in one go. i usually binge around ovulation and PMS times so I monitor my cycle closely.

    ^this is me exactly. I've only been able to overcome it by:

    -remembering why I am eating healthier
    -remembering why eating that way has hurt me
    -thinking of my goals and special occasions coming up
    -Keeping that food out of the house. I aim to have only sensible food in the house.
    -I have my boyfriend put the soda and candy in the safe and I don't have the combination. He'll give me some if he thinks I've been good. I sulk if he won't give it to me. But I know that's the reason I can't have access to it in the first place haha.
    -I still crave fast food. But I just tell myself that I have a ton of healthy food in the house that is already bought, and I don't want to let it go to waste.
    -I tell myself I can have a nice cheat meal later (later today, this weekend, next week, etc.) and I need to be good if I want that treat.
    -I drink water, or distract myself somehow
    -If I feel like I just have to let loose the binge monster, I let it. There is no sense in feeling stressed out completely over food. It's just food.

    After all these mind games I just give up and decide to be healthy. It really cut down my binges from daily to maybe 1x per month. Usually at TTOM when I'd literally burn a pile of babies for chocolate :devil:
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    Just want to say - it's not a binge if you only ate like 400 calories. ZOMG. "I just binged on a chocolate bar, what do I do?"

    I see sooo many young girls on here saying they "binged" and their entire day calorie count is like 1400-1500. That's not a binge - that's your body telling you TO FEED IT! (I consider a binge something like 1500-2000+ cals above and beyond what you NEED to function).

    As a binge eater who has been known to eat 6000-10000+ cals in one day, I completely DISagree with this. Binge eating isn't about numbers, it's about control. If I'm out of control--mentally disconnected from what I'm eating--then I'm bingeing, whether I eat 400 calories or 4000. The number doesn't matter. Like all eating disorders, it's alllllll about control. I regularly eat 1800-2000 calories, so I'm not starving myself, but I still struggle with the binge compulsion and probably always will.
    Agree. I said the same thing earlier, it's about teaching yourself moderation.
    Stuffing yourself or uncontrolled eating is binge eating whether it's a 400g bar of Cadbury's (done that) or a box of cakes (done that) or a share size packet of crisps(done that) or a whole box of grapes(also done that)!
    Building a healthy relationship with food is what we need to work on.
    In most cases binge eating is an emotional response, but it can be boredom too.
    Let's all agree to be honest with ourselves and our food diaries and work from that point.

    love to all fellow food frenzy folks!
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    Yes!! Especially when I am bored!! or just because it tastes soooo good!!
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    Yes! My biggest problems are breakfast carbs - cereal, granola, and DUNKIN' DONUTS! I will wake for work at 6:30 and immediately grab the cereal box in some kind of trance, and handfuls turn into cups.. Nuts and nut butters are also a weakness of mine. I agree with many previous posts in that I LOVE food and the comfort it gives.. at least while I'm eating it. I suspend my logic and accountability while I eat and it all comes crashing down on me later. Lately I've been fairly good and have kept myself 5lbs from my goal for several months. Feeling like I've made progress is dangerous for me, as food is still my favorite "reward," though I know it shouldn't be! Currently I am working on eliminating my trigger foods from my kitchen, but living with my fiance makes it hard to cut out the foods he likes as well. Sigh..
  • I am a binge eater one of my earliest horrifying moments is being very little (my mother said I was 5) eating all the sugar out of the sugar bowl in one hit, it got a lot worse the older I got. I take one day at a time, I'm fighting and at the moment I seem to be winning would love to both support and be supported with other suffers. together one day at time we'll all win! :-)
    Have an amazing day lovelies xx<3 xx

    P.s please anyone feel free to add always looking to support and be supportive by others who've been through similar x

    OMG...I used to do this all the time when I was a kid. I would take a cup of sugar and just pour it in my mouth and suck on it and eat it. My parents never knew I did this, but it was almost like if I didn't my body would start to shake. I clearly remember sitting in the floor at the age of about 6 or 7 with a cup of sugar in my hand and pouring it in my mouth. SMH

    I do this now! :S I'll literally sit with a bag of sugar and a spoon and just eat the stuff straight from the bag! Havent been caught yet but there's gonna be some explaining to do when someone eventaully walks in on me :P
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    Well, I don't think I'm a binge eater to the extreme that some of you have described, but I'm glad to be seeing this discussion because I think it's the first step to recovery for most of us. Some of the common threads I'm seeing here is a seriously distorted body image for most of us as well as a relationship with food that is abnormal, to say the least. That abnormal relationship with food and the feelings that you describe after the binge I share. Two things I know about myself and binging: High carb foods contribute to the cascade of desire for more and the self-loathing that follows, and anxiety is the biggest emotional trigger to get start eating for other than physical nourishment. What we're really talking about here is addiction. Unfortunately we can't just stop eating because we need food to live. I personally am terrified of starving and physical hunger causes me a fair amount of anxiety. I don't want to die by starvation, but neither do I want to die of obesity-related health problems, nor suffer them while alive. I want to have a relationship with food that is emotionally neutral; I eat when I'm hungry, just enough to satisfy the hunger (it doesn't take very much,) BE SATISFIED, and go on with my activities of daily living without giving food another thought until my body tells me it needs nourishment. How that is achieved I don't know. I wish I did so I could stop suffering with this and I could tell you all how it's done so you all could stop suffering, too. I think we need to find another way to deal with the underlying pain than soothing it with food, and learn to see our own beauty and love ourselves AS WE ARE, addiction and all, so that we can begin taking care of ourselves. And here we can offer each other validation and encouragement in that endeavor. Hugs to you all.
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    I was a major binge eater in high school. I would eat and eat until I felt sick, and the next week I would do it all over again. Now I don't binge the way I used to, but I still have problems with it. I will eat healthy food in normal quantities for about a month and then over the course of a week I start overeating and next thing I know I am back to binging. The binges are not extreme like they were in the past by any means, but I still have that same feeling: like I am incapable of controlling myself. I think a lot of it stems from boredom or loneliness.
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    Yes big time binge eater. I will get a "healthy version" of foods like low sugar/soy icecream to 'justify' having an extra serve which turns into 10 serves.
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    I am fine all day and then at night time i feel i want to binge on junk food, its a difficult habit to get out of, sometimes i take myself to bed so i don't eat lol