Roller Skating For Fitness Fun

I just signed my daugher up for a beginning roller skating class and I might take it as a refresher so I want break my tail bone. Does anyone else on here roller skate for fitness? If so, how as it toneed your thighs, hips and qlutes?


  • omma_to_3
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    Well, I tried ice skating! 8 stitches later...LOL...I'll go back, but am a bit more leary now.
  • marie_2454
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    I used to rollerblade a lot and am trying to find the time to get back doing it. I thought it was an awesome butt and leg workout :) Plus, it's so much fun. I say go for it!
  • wolfchild59
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    I wouldn't look for too much toning in the sense of dropping fat and reducing the size of those areas. Most skaters and hockey players have what is referred to as "Skater's butt" in which your *kitten* becomes quite round and fat. Even my 10 year old nephew, who is otherwise stick thin (his seven year old brother is fit and still weighs more than him) has a bubble butt from playing hockey for the last four or five years. And it often extends into the hip and thigh area, on women especially. The thighs and hips are just going to increase the muscle size, while not doing a whole terribly lot to reduce any of the fat in those areas at all.

    I first had roller skates put on my when I was nine months old and was up and skating a few weeks later. I was the youngest registered speed skater in the US at 18 months old. I did speed skating and hockey, my sister did speed skating and figure skating and my mom played hockey.

    Let me tell you, when you get overweight on top of having had a skaters butt your entire life, and then lose weight without rebuilding those butt muscles at the same time, you butt becomes a very sad region of the body. People worry about boobs sagging...Phoo!

    All of that said, I still love roller skating and often did it as my cross cardio day for my run training last year. But I like to get fast and really pace out and the trails in my area just don't really allow for it between debris, other people, and the tightness of the trails in some areas. I was recently looking back into some local hockey teams though, just for fun.
  • ceeceescurves
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    LOL....Well since I've always had pancake butt, I would love a skaters butt. Hell I welcome it. :)
  • smoyakno128
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    I am a speed skater! I have practice 3 days a week! And if nothing else on my body is in shape my butt and thighs are! They are tight and nice, just ask my hubby! I hope you did start skating, it burns so many calories and is so much fun!:happy: